Weeks 76, 77 and 78

I reached the peak of frustration during some days in the last three weeks. I just want to forget all those days as the year goes by. I want to start the new year afresh and want to live a happy and peaceful life. Life has been so tough for me the last year and I never want to look back at this year happily except for one day. Yes, I can not forget the day I got placed in Capgemini but still I am waiting to join the company. This waiting has frustrated me a lot because I have been waiting for the call from the company since June. In a nutshell the year 2011 was very boring and frustrating except for the day I got placed in Capgemini. But still there were other happy moments that gets faded away when I look back at whatever I went through the last one year.

During the last three weeks I watched two Tamil films namely Porali and Rajapaattai. I watched the later in Bangalore along with one of my new room mates. The first movie is worth watching. Wait for the second one to hit television channels very soon. Please don't watch Rajapaattai in theaters. 

I spent the three weeks in Bangalore except for a few days. I went to different companies searching for a temporary job with little confidence of getting job. At last I found a temporary job but I am again waiting to join it. I hope I will be joining in the new year. I am planning to work for the company till I get the call from Capgemini. The hope of getting the call soon is growing day by day because some of Anna university students who got placed in Capgemini got the call. 

Though I had lived in Bangalore for 4 years the cold that I experienced so far this winter is a bit more on the higher side. The state has seen lowest temperatures in last 100 years.  But still I always love the climate of Bangalore compared to Chennai or Salem. 

Right now I am in my home town for the year end. I will be travelling to Bangalore again on new year's day. Visited my native village today and felt happy to see the changes that have undergone. 

Well that is all to say about the past three weeks. I wish all my reader friends a happy weekend and a prosperous new year too.

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Week 75

Another week at home after the week in Banglore. When I came home I had cold and it resulted in fever the next day. I spent the whole week at home most of the time. Paid two visits to my native to take a look at the farm. Watched a Tamil movie (Osthe). Went to the theater with great expectations but the expectations were shattered and it looked an average movie to me. 

It was the normal routine that kept the whole week going for me. The children in the colony were a kind of relief in the evenings. Its always nice to be with school-going kids. They used to play chess and cards at the entrance of the apartment and its a good time pass to watch them play. I don't miss the chances offered by them to play with them. One wont know how the time flies when you are with school children. 

As usual I cooked chicken gravy today in the absence of my parents.  Watched the cricket match between India and West Indies that happened to be a kind of nail biter. Till the West Indian batsman Pollard got out the match was interesting to watch. India won the series 4-1. Eagerly waiting for the Indian tour of Australia to watch my favourite cricketer, Dravid, in action. 

Coming to the new kid in the family. My sister has shifted to home after two days at hospital and duo are fine now. They have named her Aashitha Gnanasekaran. Seeing her through Skype daily and saw some of her pics. 

I feel happy about one more thing. My mom has learnt to operate computer and connect to the internet. In my absence she is opening Skype and talking to my sister without problem on most days. Why I say this is she is only SSLC and from a farming background but she is picking up things well with experience. 

I am going to Banglore again to look for a temporary job. Hope so this time I will get one. Well that is all for the week.  Have a nice time reader friends.

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Weeks 73 and 74.

A lot happened in the past two weeks. Firstly I went to Banglore to search for a job and attended three interviews for a BPO job but I couldn't get through due to my engineering stream. HP interview was the most funniest of the all wherein they said more candidates have turned out. They just conducted the group discussion and sent everyone out saying none is selected from your batch. This happened for the last four batches of the day. I should have gone a bit earlier but I was unable to find the address till 11.30. I almost walked 10 kilometers a day in Bangalore in search of the addresses of the companies. In the evenings I met some of my BE classmates and it was nice to get together with them after a very long time. I have lost some weight due to excess walking and look somewhat leaner now. Because I was eating home food for the last six months, I have put some weight and was weighing around 80.

Yesterday I came to Salem from Bangalore. This weekend I dint go anywhere because I am not feeling well due to mild fever and running nose. I have to return to Bangalore and continue to hunt for a job within two days. I desperately need a temporary job, so will try my best to get one.

Now coming to the most important of all. We have got a new entrant in the family with US citizenship. Friends and relatives in my close circle would have it by now. Yes, my sister is blessed with a girl baby yesterday. The duo are fine with good health in the hospital. Was very happy to see the baby and also to become uncle. They will get discharged within a day or two.  I will update her name here once she is given one. They are yet to finalize on a name but they are specific in giving her a name starting with A. They have almost narrowed down on it.

I like to mention one thing that shocked me during my stay in Bangalore last week. I was searching for the HP recruitment center in Kormangala and on the way to it I saw this shocking scene. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some girls smoking in a gang in front of a shop like men normally do. Until now I have only read in papers, watched in movies and so on about girls smoking in public. This is the first time I have seen it live. Kalam's dreams of India becoming a super power by 2020 will be a question mark if this continues. 

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Week 72

Yet another week in my life. Desperately need a job in software industry but no interview calls from any job portals. I am still waiting for the call from Capgemini. My parents are not showing interest in sending me from home to search for a job. They want me to look after the land till I get the call. I feel that my job at home is complete and should look for a temporary job till I get the call from Capgemini. Most probably I will be in Bangalore next week searching for a job. 

Went to native four times in the past week and did very little work. No rains these days. If I stay home I will be forced to water the plants next week in which I am not interested. The field is not plain so irrigation is difficult and watering every plant makes life more difficult for 2000 plants. 

Came to home after degree and did some useful work with which I am contended. Now its time for me to set out and look for a temporary job. Successfully completed six months at home and have put handsome weight even though I had farming work. 

Once again I got a chance to cook at home but today it was turkey and as usual I prepared turkey gravy and it was good to eat. Got an appreciation from one of my neighbours who tasted it. Now I have the confidence that I can manage to prepare my food when I am alone. Well thats it for the week. Rest in next.

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The Past Ten Weeks (Weeks 62 through 71)

Cant forget the days I drove my two-wheeler in rain the whole day just to take care of the plants. Almost three times I got drenched in rain the moment i got out of house in the vehicle but I had to travel and come back.  It was a completely different experience.

In the past ten weeks I toiled a lot in my land watering the plants but later due to monsoon showers I started relaxing a bit. There were days I was not able to give even half an hour for internet. I saw the change that I was undergoing and felt it would be nice to get a temporary job till I get the call from Capgemini. My skin tone changed a lot since I had to work in the hot sun. I started feeling the difficulty in farming. Then I decided to get my mark sheet and provisional certificate from my college to search for a job in Bangalore. As I planned I went to Chennai last week and brought the certificates but I am yet to receive the transfer certificate which is needed only for higher education. 

During my visit I met Vivek, Lingesh and my previous roommates then Premnath. Vivek gave me a treat in Anjappar. Had dinner in Premnath home and spent some time there one day. Went to kumaran kundram temple once during the stay. 

I hardly found any time for entertainment because I was working even on Sundays. Later, in the past one month I got enough time to watch three Tamil movies (Vedi, 7am arivu, Velayudham). None of the movies I watched recently were impressive. Apart from entertainment I had time for cooking too. Readers of this blog will be knowing that I know to prepare chicken gravy. Yes, I prepared chicken gravy three times recently and all the three times it was eatable. Especially I liked the second time I made it and other two times were not bad either. Once I tried egg gravy too but it was not up to the mark because of excess onion. 

I always love to live in a place where there are more children. Why I say this is I live in a colony where there are around 10 children and its really nice to spend sometime with them everyday. We forget all our worries and feel happy in their presence. Spent Deepawali in colony after a long time and it was again a good feeling to be around children. 

I have started playing a lot of chess online these days. I cultivated this habit of playing from my neighbor who is a chess coach. Chess and hide & seek are the games that is most popular among the kids in the colony right now.

Bought a pair of casuals (shirt from Basics and pant from Peter England) for Deepawali and got scoldings from my mom for spending big amount on dress. Then again my parents asked me to take a new pair of dress for pariharam. This time I spent even more on dress and I need not say what would have happened. Spent around 6200 on two pairs of dress this month which I am not used to. 

Today I went to Kodumudi to do pariharam for Raaghu and Kethu. I just did what I was asked to do in the temple and came home. We spent the whole day for this because of improper planning. 

I love to put whatever I do on this blog regularly but I am not able to find time or I feel tired of writing. Henceforth I will post regularly.

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Week 61

I am feeling happy because I am back to regular personal blogging. It was yet another week at home. As usual I went to my native on few days to take a look at the newly planted seedlings and to check the amount of rainfall. Around 850 seedlings are yet to be planted and we are waiting for the right time. Because of continuous rain we are unable to schedule the planting. Rain plays spoil sport either way. So job is not yet complete. Planning to plant one more acre with casuarina seedlings. Have a plenty of job left in native before I look for a job if Capgemini delays in issuing the offer letter. 

As I said in my previous post I was not updating here regularly because my dad was admitted in hospital due to chest pain. Since we thought that this should not reach my sister who is in USA, I stopped updating the blog till my dad was out of hospital. Now he is alright with daily medicines but he has to undergo an angiogram to clear off the blocks in the path of blood flow to get back to normalcy. Looking for a good hospital in Coimbatore for treatment.

I watched the Tamil movie Kanchana in ARRS multiplex this week. I dint have anything to do on that day so went out to watch the movie. As expected it was a typical ghost thriller.

Well that is all for the week. Have a nice weekend reader friends.

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Weeks 57 Through 60

I feel sorry to all my blog readers for the gap between the posts. As I had said in my previous post in the blog I was busy in cleaning and leveling our land with the help of JCB. Since my dad's health condition was not good enough to look after the work I was there to monitor the work and do the necessary things for the workers in the field. It took almost a month to complete the entire process and the job is not fully done. So far we have planted 850 seedlings and yet to plant 800 more seedlings. We have been waiting for a rain and at last it rained today so we will be starting the plantation of the remaining seedlings on Tuesday. With that 3 acres of melia dubia plantation will be over and the rest will be planted with coconut. 

The entire month of August was very hectic for me. I have traveled around 2000 kilometers in the past three months in and around Salem especially to native. Last month I had my birthday and was happy to receive a cake from my sister who is in US. I also got wishes from most of my friends and felt happy. I cut the cake in the evening and shared the pictures with my sister the next day. 

In between the work load, I also had time to watch Routhiram (Tamil movie) with my cousin (Elamparuthi) in ARRS multiplex in Salem.  I also went to Hosur to attend Shravanthi's reception on 1st September and met four of my BE friends(Vinoth, Bharathi, Prakash and Ramya). Prakash was not invited but still I asked him to come and we had complete fun that night. Prakash was the time-pass for us that night. Then we decided to watch Mankatha (Tamil movie) in Balaji theater in Hosur and I caught the bus to Salem at 2 AM the next day. 

Planning to complete the seedling plantation work in this week and move to Bangalore for a job till I get the call from Capgemini. I am planning to go to Chennai to collect my certificates this week and also to meet some of my M.Tech friends as well. Have a nice time reader friends. 

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Weeks 50 Through 56

It has been six weeks since I updated this blog. Nowadays I never see my blogs even once a week but I will never stop writing this blog. In fact I withdrew the money to my bank account from Paypal that I earned from blogging and I am planning to sell my commercial blog too. 

Let me come to the point straight away. I din't write here due to a reason and the reason is genuine. I din't want one of my followers to know what is happening around me, so I left this blog unattended for the past 6 weeks. A lot happened in the past one and a half months. As I said I can't open up everything right now. I need some more time to disclose it here. 

I watched a movie (180), had been to my uncle's home many a times, visited Bangalore once, met lot of relatives, had been to my sister's home and a lot happened in the gap. We are planning to plant trees (silviculture) in our land before I join the company but the things are getting delayed as usual. But I will surely do it before I go to job. We are planning to plant Melia Dubia. I visited some farms in and around Salem and googled as well to get an idea about the tree's characteristics.  Now I am fully involved into this and not concentrating on anything else right now.

One more thing I would like to share here, I completed personal blogging of one year with this post. Actually it came in the 52nd week but I am writing only now after my 49th week. This is the longest gap that I have taken so far and its with intention. I hope and wish to write here regularly henceforth. Planning to limit myself only to personal blogging. Well that's it for the week. Rest in next.

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Weeks 48 and 49

The last two weeks were similar to my previous weeks at home. I attended one of my school friends' wedding at Gobi near Erode last Sunday. Since it was a love marriage there were problems from the parents of the couples but only the girl's relatives were present and the marriage took place without the guy's parents.

I went to my mom's native and spent a day there once this week. In between I also took time to watch two new tamil movies (Avan Ivan & Ko) running in the city. Both the movies were good entertainers and worth watching in theaters.  Vishal has acted well in the movie and may get some awards. The other movie is also worth watching for the sake of its story line. 

Other than normal routine at home I am not doing anything useful. If I have to be honest I am Just wasting time at home. Well that is all for the week. Have a nice time reader friends.

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Week 47

I spent most of the week in Salem at my home. I went to Mysore to attend a wedding and spent the first two days of the week for that. So the first two days were gone in travelling. Whenever I travel to Karnataka I feel that I should get back to the place as quick as possible because I love the climate there. Since I did my B.E in Bangalore I got used to the pleasant climate there and learnt the language (Kannada) too. I missed the climate and the city for the last two years since I had to do  M.Tech in Chennai. Now I am done with my PG degree and I am praying to God that I should get posting in Bangalore. I have decided to settle down in Bangalore and I am waiting for it. 

Well as usual I am spending time by eating, sleeping, watching tv and browsing net. I am yet to receive the DOJ and location. The curiosity in knowing the city is raising day by day as it gets closer. I would love to get posted in Bangalore. Lets see what the future has in stock for me. Well thats it to say for the week. I wish all the reader friends a nice time. 

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Weeks 45 and 46

The past two weeks were the most mentally disturbed days of my life. I was facing a lot of problems in the past two weeks and have decided not to worry anymore about the things that disturbed my peace of mind. Most of my well wishers too advise me the same. So I have decided to forget the things that make me unhappy and maintain distance from the persons who create such unhappy circumstances and situations in my life. After all, its my life and I decide who should and who shouldn't stay in my life. 

I dint go out too much except attending a wedding of one of my relatives. I stayed back at home and spent the entire time watching tv and browsing the internet. I am waiting for the DOJ from the company so that I can stay away from my home. I got used to staying away from home from my LKG days. So I like only coming home at weekends or for vacation. I don't have too many friends and I don't have any friend who is with me for a long time. Wherever I go I make friends and once I leave the place I fail to stay in touch with them regularly. At least from now on I am trying to stay in touch with my friends through social network sites and phone calls and I don't know how far I will succeed in this. As we all do, I too pin my hopes on the future to come. 

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Weeks 42, 43 and 44

The last three weeks were the most relaxing weeks for me at least in the last 2 years. The first of the three weeks was the last week of my M.Tech degree. The final viva of the M.Tech was held on May 5th and there on it was a complete and total relief from the student life at MIT, Anna university. That week we dint have too many work to do except that we were asked to submit the project report as per the university norms. The whole class was asked to resubmit the report after rebinding it with the corrections done. It was not needed after the completion of the degree but still we all corrected and resubmitted the report because these people will not sign the no dues if we hadn't submitted. So with that week the academic schedule in MIT was complete. The days after viva I completed some of the formalities like opening an account in the bank to get the refund amount from the university, selling my bicycle and all those things we have to do before vacating a place. That week Thursday I left to Salem and Friday night I left to Bangalore from Salem. I stayed in Arul Anand's room for three good days of my Bangalore visit. I visited Lalbagh and Bannerghatta National Park and had a nice time in Bangalore for the three days there. Monday night Arul, his classmate and I went to watch a movie (Priests) in cinepolis in Bannerghatta road. Then I came back to Salem on Tuesday evening.

The next day my mom and I went to the astrologer whom I like the most and clarified the doubts about my near future. He gave the green signal to open a trust to help the poor children in their education. The next day (Thursday) both of us went to native to take a look at our land that is 25kms away from Salem. Friday morning four of my M.Tech classmates came to my home. After having shower and breakfast we all visited the famous Hogennakal falls near Salem. Its around 100kms from here and it took 2 hours to reach there. We spent around 3 hours there and were back home in the evening for chicken briyani. Then we went to the nearest multiplex here in Salem to watch the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" and returned at 1 AM in the night. We had a sound sleep in the terrace. We all woke up on Saturday morning and got ready to visit Yercaud (a hill station) that is 25kms from Salem city. We reached there around 1 PM and spent time in different locations till evening. We then came down to city and reached home around 6.30 in the evening. We had food after which all of my classmates left to their respective places.

The last three weeks were the most easy days in the past two years. By easy days I meant the days without more mental pressure. Anyhow new problems (in other words challenges) await us every new day in life. Now I am eagerly waiting for the joining date and training location from Capgemini. I am praying to God that I should get Bangalore as my job location because I think I enjoyed enough of Chennai's climate. Thats it for the week. Have a nice weekend friends.

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Week 41

A week with full of mixed feelings. As usual the week started with review tensions. As anticipated the final internal review started on Monday which went on till 3 in the afternoon. Since the reviewers were tired they stopped on Monday and retained three of us for Tuesday. As usual I was the last to be reviewed. I was asked so many questions regarding my project. They were not satisfied with the student-guide relationship again and thought of leaving the problem since its closing time now. From Wednesday onwards the week seemed normal to me except for Friday. I was given the task of picking up and dropping the external examiner from IIT here Chennai for the B.Tech (IT) students. Due to this commitment I couldn't visit the temple on time that I am visiting regularly. When I went there the temple was closed and I missed it on Friday. I have visited the temple nearly for 40 days now except for two days. Feeling happy that I have done something regularly for more than a month. 

This week some of my classmates and I went to the Natural Fresh ice cream stall in Chrompet and had a nice time there one evening. Then on Thursday one of my classmate (Priya) brought chicken briyani for the whole class. We had a nice, heavy and sumptuous lunch on that day. Then on the same day I received a certificate of appreciation from the university for being the placement representative of the class. I believe few days in this week will stay in the memory for some years. Well, thats it for the week. Have a nice weekend reader friends.

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Mohana Birthday 2011

This is the last birthday party that we celebrated in the degree. The next birthday falls only in July and by then we would have completed the degree. As usual we had ordered a cake and had it cut by the b'day girl. This time it was almost evening when we celebrated because the person of the day was late. After cutting the cake in the college we went to Gupta Bhavan which is situated in the Chrompet main road near our college. We had a nice time there that evening. Some dint turn out that day due to some other fixtures. We took some pictures and shot some videos that were very nice to watch. Some of them are cool enough to watch over and over.  Click here to view the photos.

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Weeks 39 and 40

The last two weeks were as cool as Chennai is now. Yes, its raining in Chennai right now (3.30AM) as I write this post. Chennai is receiving some rainfall since the last three days and one needn't explain how big the relief would be for the Chennai people from the April-May summer heat. 

The first week was full of holidays since the state assembly poll was scheduled in the week. Initially I had showed interest to attend an election duty (as a laptop operator) on the day of election but I pulled out of it since I had to wake up at 4 in the morning and travel 3 hours to reach the polling booth. I dint get good feedback from the friends who attended it and I felt the rest was worth more than the 700 INR that I would have got for doing the one day job. 

The second week was supposed to be full of final project review but still the conference work continues to dominate. Some of my classmates have completed the review and they are expecting the final viva eagerly to finish off the degree. The rest of us will be having the review in the week to come. Most probably we would be completing the degree in the mid of May. I am yet to publish the paper that we are supposed to do before we complete the degree. I am preparing the paper with the help of my classmate (Sudha) and I am half way through it. Probably in one or two days I would be sending it for some conference. 

Other than M.Tech the only thing that I think about too much is starting a non-profitable organisation to help the poor and needy by providing basic needs like education, food and shelter. I have taken the first step by opening a page called YUVA in Facebook. I have got only one like for the page other than mine which made me feel letdown but I have made up my mind not to drop the plan. Some have already shown their interests towards this plan and I think I will be able to start it within this year end. 

Well thats it from the past two weeks and nothing more really interesting if any I will let you know here. 

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Week 38

I feel that the week that just passed away was the laziest week that I ever had in my life at least in the recent past. I used to go to college only during lunch hours and stay there till evening if possible and then return to room. It was also the most peaceful week for me as I dint have to meet many  people. There was less entertainment at the beginning of the week but the beginning of the IPL2011 came as a relief for the next 50 days in the summer. Still I am visiting the Kumaran Kundram temple daily in the evenings. It has become a place for me to relax these days. Its a calm atmosphere where a mild breeze will be always found on the top of the hill. 

I watched the recently released movie "Mappillai" in Vettri theater here in Chrompet yesterday night. It was a damn boring movie that I have watched in the recent days. 

The city is getting more hotter day by day as the summer gets more intense. The power cuts during night hours are making life horrible here at Chennai. As we get tax added to the bill in the hotels, the problem of water scarcity gets added to the summer heat which makes life even miserable. I am desperately waiting for the days to evaporate in the countdown clock. It will be a big relief to complete the degree and get out of this institution. I am also waiting for the offer letter from Capgemini because I am eager to know the place and duration of training. I think I have to wait for another 7 tough weeks of my life to know my future better. Thats it for the week. Rest in next.

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Week 37

It was a week that had very little academics and more cricket. As usual we were asked to do lot of conference work. In fact everyday we used to type comments and send mails to at least 100 persons. Its not a difficult task to do but its boring. Apart from this the entertaining thing throughout the week was cricket. The whole nation would have watched the two matches this week that caught the attention of the entire cricketing world. The match against the Pakistanis created a lot of hype and it did live up to the expectations. It was a nice one to watch and the match was alive till the end. Similarly the finals too had the tempo going till the end. Every cricket fan in India would have felt happy to see the Indians lift the cup after a gap of 28 years. They have set many new records like the hosting nation winning the cup for the first time in the cricket history, two Asian nations playing finals for the first time and so on. It was full of cricket in every nook and corner of India the whole week I would say. The week was almost like full of holidays to me. None of my roommates ate that day night watching the match. After the match we roamed in the streets of Chrompet to watch the celebrations of the fans after the Indian team lifted the cup. 

Its going to be Indian Premier League for the rest of the college days and it will be our only topic to discuss as it begins from 8th of this month. The days are coming to a close here at MIT and we would be leaving the college at the end of May. I have lot of work to do before the final viva. Well, thats it for the week. Happy Ugadi reader friends. 

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Week 36

As I said in the last week's post the week started off with a cricket match between India and West Indies. Nowadays I am watching more cricket compared to UG college days. I left watching after Dravid was removed from the team but have started watching again because I like to see Kohli's batting. The recent match against Aussies in the quarter finals was a thrilling and an exciting one to watch. The next match has already created a lot of expectations since the match is against Pakistanis. I hope India will win the match in the semi finals with ease. 

Apart from cricket I had the normal college routine through out this week. We are being given more conference related work these days and I am lucky in not getting much work. Its Ligesh who works till 12 in the night on some days for conference. 

I have cultivated the habit of going to Kumaran Kundram temple in Chrompet daily these days. On Saturday when I went there I lost my sandals. I don't know why people come to temples with the intention of stealing. Its really irritating when people steal in temples. 

On Friday we celebrated Mohana's (my M.Tech classmate) birthday. In the evening she took us to a hotel (Gupta Bhavan) near by and gave us a treat. More about it with photos in a separate post. 

As I write in every post I am still looking at the countdown timer waiting for the day to come when we will be out of MIT. Well, thats it for the week. Happy weekend reader friends. Have a nice time.

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Week 35

It was a different week from the last few. I visited some places this week including my native. I dint go to college on Monday because I was not well. At the end of the day I got the news that HOD has gone to Hong Kong for a week. I thought of making use of this chance to go to my native since my mother was asking me to make a visit. I booked the ticket on Tuesday and reached home on Wednesday night. On Thursday we visited a temple and a neighbor's home in the evening. Then we visited an astrologer just to thank him for his words. I don't believe in most of the astrologers because most of them are not so accurate, but this man is somewhat different and he is correct most of the times at least in my life. 

On Friday I attended Arul's (my school friend and MIT college mate) elder brother's wedding reception. The place is 2hrs from Salem. There I met two of my school  friends and had a nice time chatting with them. I reached home that day at 10.15pm. Again on Saturday we visited two temples. I drove around 100kms on that day and had severe head ache since it was very sunny on the day. We reached home in the afternoon and I had a nice rest for two hours. It was time for me to pack up and leave. I booked the ticket and left Salem on Saturday 10pm and reached Chennai at 4 am today. 

I am waiting to watch the match between the Indians and the Windies. Anyhow both the teams would be playing the quarter finals but whom they are going to play is a question mark, so I am eagerly waiting for the match to begin. 

From tomorrow its going to be college again. I have reviewed two of the five papers that my guide asked me to review. Its boring to read IEEE papers these days and that too to review someone's work is really boring. Anyway I have to do it. We are being delayed the final viva because they want to extract these kind of conference related work from us (M.Tech). I think we would be completing the course only at the end of May. Its 30 days more to the countdown now. 

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Week 34

The week started with the India vs Ireland match on Sunday. I dint do anything except watching the match on that day. Then it was normal college routine throughout the week. Without any prior intimation we were reviewed on Monday. As usual there were many suggestions to improve the project and the panel members were not fully satisfied. We have one more review to go and a demo and then we would be having the final viva. I dint go for the lab assistance that I was supposed to assist on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. I dint go because I was not feeling well because of cold and its still getting hold of me. Wednesday I came back to room in the afternoon to watch the match against Netherlands. So I dint spend the whole day at college this week. Even today I was not in college and I came back to my room to watch the match that India lost to the South Africans. Still it was a good effort by the team and I am sure they would get a quarterfinal berth.

I am concentrating more on writing my commercial blog these days after I started getting some offers and started advertising on my blog. The whole week was full of cricket, blogging and cold for me. In between I went to the main campus(College of Engineering campus, Anna University) to submit the 'letter of intent' from Capgemini. Hopefully another two to three months to go to complete the degree. Desperately waiting for that day to come.  Happy weekend reader friends.

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Week 33

The week started with the match between India and England on Sunday. Can't forget the match because it was a high scoring match and it resulted in a thrilling tie. Then again in the same ground, Bangalore, England lost against Ireland in a high scoring match which was also an interesting one to watch. Its all cricket these days because the world cup is in progress. 

There was class committee meeting at the beginning of the week and the second review of the project was supposed to be conducted this week but as usual because of the unavailability of panel members there was no review. The whole week was boring at college and there was nothing interesting. The only kind of entertainment these days is cricket and I am looking forward to the match between India and Ireland scheduled tomorrow in the same ground.

I have started writing my commercial blog again because I am getting good traffic to my blog these days and also I got few offers from which I made around $25 in last 10 days.

Well thats it for the week. Wish you all reader friends a stress free weekend. 

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Sowmya Birthday (28-02-2011)

28th of February was one of the memorable occasions for all of us(my classmates) because it was Sowmya's birthday and as usual we celebrated it by cutting a cake during the lunch hour in one of the classrooms in the lecture hall complex. This time the whole class was not present since it was Monday. Because few went to their home for the weekend and failed to make it to the college for the day. Though only around 10 of us were there we still tried to make it as memorable as possible. When I plan for the celebrations I always feel that we should have started celebrating occasions like this from the beginning of the course but generally we take sometime to get along with people and it took us one year. 

After cutting the cake in the college we went to an ice cream parlor(Natural Fresh) nearby in Chrompet and had ice creams there. We took some photos in college while cutting cake as well as in Natural Fresh. To view the photos click here.

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Week 32

The week started with the talks of review to be conducted on Monday but unavailability of panel members made way for another postponement. Its on next Monday. 

The college is now caught in the Mitafest fever. Mitafest is the colorful event that the college organizes during the even semesters where students from MIT and other colleges take part. There will be many events ranging from essay writing to cultural programs. The campus is filled with students participating in different events from Thursday evening. It will go on till Sunday night when the Mitafest will come to an end. Though this is my second year at this college I missed all the functions so far due to lack of interest. This is first time I am watching some of the programs of Mitafest. It doesn't matter whether or not the program is good but the audience have a nice time dancing to the tunes of the songs. The college has invited some celebrities from Kollywood and everyday we have some chief guests for the cultural program. Especially the events that are scheduled for the nights are very good. I should thank my classmates for this chance because we were planning for a trip during these holidays. Since I dint get cooperation from all my classmates I had to drop the plan. In fact I had some misunderstandings and patch ups with some of my classmates in this tour planning. Even now I don't talk to some of them and I don't think I would patch up with them before I complete the course. Some of my classmates are really friendly and I don't mean that all are bad. Its because of one or two in the class the whole trip got collapsed and there wont be any  good memories to cherish upon after we go out of this college. I too left it thinking these people want to be just classmates and not friends. I think I am going too emotional now so it would be good to stop here. 

Really nothing interesting in personal life as well as college life except this week's Mitafest. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend as usual and sign off for the week. Take care. 

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Week 31

Yet another normal week in my life. I was not well in the beginning of the week due to viral fever and recovered in couple of days. Since we had local government holiday on Wednesday the week dint seem too hectic though we were supposed to have had review. The review got postponed to next Monday as of now and I don't know atleast it would be the final postponement. I took leave on Tuesday to recover from the illness, so I had only 4 working days in the week. All these days we (M.Tech classmates) are much worried about publishing our project work in some conference and completing the implementation of our project. We have very little time to do all these and write the thesis of the project work before we complete the degree. There are not much days left in the countdown timer above. Among all these work I found some time to watch some of the warm up matches that India played and right now I am watching the first ODI of the ongoing ICC world cup. India is the favorites to win the match though the home team is fighting it hard out there. Lets all cheer for team India in the ongoing series. Jai ho. 

Well thats it for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend. 

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Vinoth and Sharmila Birthday Celebration and Photos

8th of February was a memorable day because two of my classmates(Vinoth and Sharmila) celebrated their birthdays. We all were present except one(Priya). As planned we celebrated their birthdays by cutting a cake during lunch hour. We went to a class in the lecture hall complex and spent sometime there cutting the cake and clicking some photos. After that we all had our regular work to do till 4.30 pm. In the evening boys alone in the class went out to have dinner in a hotel (Al Karishma) near Kumaran Kundram temple in Chrompet. It was a treat by Vinoth. We all had biryani in the hotel and then we identified an ice cream stall near by where we had ice creams. 

One more day that will stay in the memory for long. To view the photos CLICK HERE.

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Treat At Nallas

We, M.Tech 2nd year, went out to have lunch at Nallas in Chrompet. It was a treat by the students who got placed in companies to the entire class. We had a good time in Nallas that day. 7 of us had got placed in three different companies. 5 got placed in TCS, 1 in Wipro and myself in  Capgemini. Recently, after the treat, Mohana has got placed in CA Technologies. Actually only one more has to get placed and others have preferred teaching after M.Tech. All 14 of us were present for the treat and we had good fun at the hotel. I thought of uploading some of the photos that we took on that day but the photos that I have uploaded so far in this blog are not showing up in the posts. So, I thought of putting them on picasa and then giving a link here. Henceforth I will be giving only the links here since I face this problem. To view the photos of this post please CLICK HERE.

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Week 30

It was a week with lots of quarrels and patch ups. Got angry on some of my classmates for not co-operating for the trip that I was planning. It was a normal week otherwise but after a long time I was called into HOD's room and was scolded. This time I was scolded for something for which I was not responsible but still I had the company of 3 other classmates. The second review has started and its going on. The pressure is already on me since I dint do well in the project in the past. One more student from my class got placed and its now 8 out of 14 who have got placed in companies. 5 are not interested in going to software companies and as of now only one is trying for IT companies in the class. Feeling that the pressure is easing off from me since the course is nearing its completion. I have just started to prepare the paper that I have to publish to get the degree. Actually I am planning to publish two papers before I complete the degree. Let's see whats going to happen. Well, thats it for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend.

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Week 29

It was a memorable week. We (my classmates) went out to have lunch at Nallas (a hotel near our college) on Friday and had some good moments there. It was a treat by the students who got placed in the class to the entire class. Other days were very normal and boring as usual in the college. A little bit of progress in the project and thats it about it. Since we have got college on Saturdays also its really hectic and boring throughout the week. I really don't know why we people come to college though we don't do a great deal of work in the college. Since there was no talk about the review for the project work there were less problems for us. From the next week onwards the tension of project review will start. Again its the same kind of pressure we face here. Its not how well we study here but its how well we obey the staff here thats really matters the most. In fact the students who don't do well would score more than the students who really did well. Thats the fate of the students who study in autonomous institutions. Anyway I have to follow the rules and regulations of the college for the next three months to go. Until then I think the same routine would continue for the rest of the degree. 

I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend ahead. 

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Week 28

The week was a normal and a boring week at MIT. Only day I had to relax was Republic day and I din't go out anywhere on Wednesday. This week I started meeting my guide more than usual and I am making progress in project now. Its 3 more months from now if April 30 is the last working day but the last working day is set as April 7 by the university. Happy to see the days evaporating from the count down timer in this blog. But there is a lot to do before we go out of this institute. I have to publish a paper in some high impact factor journal or conference. 

We, my classmates, are planning to go on a trip in February. Almost its half done and  most of my classmates have agreed for the trip. I hope that it would be a successful one. A lot of mild changes are going on in my life for good. I believe that the positivity would continue in the future too. Well, thats it for the week. Wish all you reader friends a happy weekend.

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Week 27

Hi reader friends. This is  my 27th post and that means I have completed half a year of personal blogging. I started blogging on 10th Feb, 2010. I fail to write regularly for my commercial blog but I feel happy because I maintain this personal blog of mine regularly. 

This week we had a workshop conducted by our department (IT) and we spent two days attending that and dint have anything else to do except that. Since my guide was the main incharge for the workshop I couldn't meet her this week. This is my major problem in M.Tech. I always have problems with my guide. Hopefully this wont happen in the future. Well, apart from these normal routine nothing interesting is happening in my life. 

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Week 26

Hi reader friends, I wish you all a happy sankranthi. It has been a memorable week for me because I got placed in Capgemini. I am waiting for the offer letter and date of joining from them but still I have one more semester to be completed before that. I am also equally eager to know the location of the work because they dint mention where we would be trained and posted. The university has announced the last working day and the date of exams but IT department will be conducting a conference in June. So they would plan to prolong the degree till 2nd of June when the conference is scheduled instead of leaving us in April. Anything can happen. Everything rests in the hands of university people. So its another 3-4 months of hard work in M.Tech. Other than this nothing interesting happened expect for today. I went to Vivek's home for Pongal and had lunch there and came back at 6 in the evening. This is the second time I am going to his home after Diwali. Well thats it for the week. Rest in next.

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Week 25

The Week had a lot of drama. The week started with placement for me and I attended Aricent's campus recruitment process where again I got rejected in the final round (tech). This was happening for the first 3 days of the week and the remaining two working days were the toughest days for me as the review was going on for the project. I had nothing to show in the review and I was planning to change the guide and went up with the matter to the concerned staff and the head of the department. The final decision made till Friday night was negative to me, that is, I dint get a change. After a few hours after my review, I was again called by the head of the department and was asked to give a letter and then I got the hope that I would get a change. Hopefully I would get a change on Monday and I would start my project under a new guide. These days I am under a lot of mental pressure and I feel that I would get a little relief in the days to come. I am not willing to bore you people by writing only the problems that I face, so I sign off for the week by wishing all the reader friends a 'Happy Pongal' in advance.

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Week 24

At the outset I would like to wish all the readers a very happy and prosperous new year on this special occasion. Though its a new year's day we dint have much celebrations because we had got review on 31st December. Only three of my classmates have completed it and rest of us should do it on Monday. And next week we have two companies (Mindtree and Aricent) coming for campus recruitment. So the pressure of review and getting placed is expected to increase from now on.

Since the elections are supposed to take place in May there is an urge to complete the course in April itself but  I think these people in college will drag it on till June's IEEE conference which will be conducted by our department. I think so a lot of trouble is waiting for all our guys in this semester. If I complete this semester and come out of MIT then I think my life would be somewhat peaceful without these kind of pressures. Actually I am waiting for those days to come in my life.

This week nothing interesting happened except that I attended the IBM company's campus recruitment and got rejected in the last round. Apart from this it was a normal student life at MIT. 

Thats it for the week. I once again wish every reader a happy and prosperous new year and a happy memorable weekend.

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