Week 31

Yet another normal week in my life. I was not well in the beginning of the week due to viral fever and recovered in couple of days. Since we had local government holiday on Wednesday the week dint seem too hectic though we were supposed to have had review. The review got postponed to next Monday as of now and I don't know atleast it would be the final postponement. I took leave on Tuesday to recover from the illness, so I had only 4 working days in the week. All these days we (M.Tech classmates) are much worried about publishing our project work in some conference and completing the implementation of our project. We have very little time to do all these and write the thesis of the project work before we complete the degree. There are not much days left in the countdown timer above. Among all these work I found some time to watch some of the warm up matches that India played and right now I am watching the first ODI of the ongoing ICC world cup. India is the favorites to win the match though the home team is fighting it hard out there. Lets all cheer for team India in the ongoing series. Jai ho. 

Well thats it for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend. 

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