Week 28

The week was a normal and a boring week at MIT. Only day I had to relax was Republic day and I din't go out anywhere on Wednesday. This week I started meeting my guide more than usual and I am making progress in project now. Its 3 more months from now if April 30 is the last working day but the last working day is set as April 7 by the university. Happy to see the days evaporating from the count down timer in this blog. But there is a lot to do before we go out of this institute. I have to publish a paper in some high impact factor journal or conference. 

We, my classmates, are planning to go on a trip in February. Almost its half done and  most of my classmates have agreed for the trip. I hope that it would be a successful one. A lot of mild changes are going on in my life for good. I believe that the positivity would continue in the future too. Well, thats it for the week. Wish all you reader friends a happy weekend.

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Week 27

Hi reader friends. This is  my 27th post and that means I have completed half a year of personal blogging. I started blogging on 10th Feb, 2010. I fail to write regularly for my commercial blog but I feel happy because I maintain this personal blog of mine regularly. 

This week we had a workshop conducted by our department (IT) and we spent two days attending that and dint have anything else to do except that. Since my guide was the main incharge for the workshop I couldn't meet her this week. This is my major problem in M.Tech. I always have problems with my guide. Hopefully this wont happen in the future. Well, apart from these normal routine nothing interesting is happening in my life. 

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Week 26

Hi reader friends, I wish you all a happy sankranthi. It has been a memorable week for me because I got placed in Capgemini. I am waiting for the offer letter and date of joining from them but still I have one more semester to be completed before that. I am also equally eager to know the location of the work because they dint mention where we would be trained and posted. The university has announced the last working day and the date of exams but IT department will be conducting a conference in June. So they would plan to prolong the degree till 2nd of June when the conference is scheduled instead of leaving us in April. Anything can happen. Everything rests in the hands of university people. So its another 3-4 months of hard work in M.Tech. Other than this nothing interesting happened expect for today. I went to Vivek's home for Pongal and had lunch there and came back at 6 in the evening. This is the second time I am going to his home after Diwali. Well thats it for the week. Rest in next.

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Week 25

The Week had a lot of drama. The week started with placement for me and I attended Aricent's campus recruitment process where again I got rejected in the final round (tech). This was happening for the first 3 days of the week and the remaining two working days were the toughest days for me as the review was going on for the project. I had nothing to show in the review and I was planning to change the guide and went up with the matter to the concerned staff and the head of the department. The final decision made till Friday night was negative to me, that is, I dint get a change. After a few hours after my review, I was again called by the head of the department and was asked to give a letter and then I got the hope that I would get a change. Hopefully I would get a change on Monday and I would start my project under a new guide. These days I am under a lot of mental pressure and I feel that I would get a little relief in the days to come. I am not willing to bore you people by writing only the problems that I face, so I sign off for the week by wishing all the reader friends a 'Happy Pongal' in advance.

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Week 24

At the outset I would like to wish all the readers a very happy and prosperous new year on this special occasion. Though its a new year's day we dint have much celebrations because we had got review on 31st December. Only three of my classmates have completed it and rest of us should do it on Monday. And next week we have two companies (Mindtree and Aricent) coming for campus recruitment. So the pressure of review and getting placed is expected to increase from now on.

Since the elections are supposed to take place in May there is an urge to complete the course in April itself but  I think these people in college will drag it on till June's IEEE conference which will be conducted by our department. I think so a lot of trouble is waiting for all our guys in this semester. If I complete this semester and come out of MIT then I think my life would be somewhat peaceful without these kind of pressures. Actually I am waiting for those days to come in my life.

This week nothing interesting happened except that I attended the IBM company's campus recruitment and got rejected in the last round. Apart from this it was a normal student life at MIT. 

Thats it for the week. I once again wish every reader a happy and prosperous new year and a happy memorable weekend.

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