Weeks 73 and 74.

A lot happened in the past two weeks. Firstly I went to Banglore to search for a job and attended three interviews for a BPO job but I couldn't get through due to my engineering stream. HP interview was the most funniest of the all wherein they said more candidates have turned out. They just conducted the group discussion and sent everyone out saying none is selected from your batch. This happened for the last four batches of the day. I should have gone a bit earlier but I was unable to find the address till 11.30. I almost walked 10 kilometers a day in Bangalore in search of the addresses of the companies. In the evenings I met some of my BE classmates and it was nice to get together with them after a very long time. I have lost some weight due to excess walking and look somewhat leaner now. Because I was eating home food for the last six months, I have put some weight and was weighing around 80.

Yesterday I came to Salem from Bangalore. This weekend I dint go anywhere because I am not feeling well due to mild fever and running nose. I have to return to Bangalore and continue to hunt for a job within two days. I desperately need a temporary job, so will try my best to get one.

Now coming to the most important of all. We have got a new entrant in the family with US citizenship. Friends and relatives in my close circle would have it by now. Yes, my sister is blessed with a girl baby yesterday. The duo are fine with good health in the hospital. Was very happy to see the baby and also to become uncle. They will get discharged within a day or two.  I will update her name here once she is given one. They are yet to finalize on a name but they are specific in giving her a name starting with A. They have almost narrowed down on it.

I like to mention one thing that shocked me during my stay in Bangalore last week. I was searching for the HP recruitment center in Kormangala and on the way to it I saw this shocking scene. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some girls smoking in a gang in front of a shop like men normally do. Until now I have only read in papers, watched in movies and so on about girls smoking in public. This is the first time I have seen it live. Kalam's dreams of India becoming a super power by 2020 will be a question mark if this continues. 

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