Week 41

A week with full of mixed feelings. As usual the week started with review tensions. As anticipated the final internal review started on Monday which went on till 3 in the afternoon. Since the reviewers were tired they stopped on Monday and retained three of us for Tuesday. As usual I was the last to be reviewed. I was asked so many questions regarding my project. They were not satisfied with the student-guide relationship again and thought of leaving the problem since its closing time now. From Wednesday onwards the week seemed normal to me except for Friday. I was given the task of picking up and dropping the external examiner from IIT here Chennai for the B.Tech (IT) students. Due to this commitment I couldn't visit the temple on time that I am visiting regularly. When I went there the temple was closed and I missed it on Friday. I have visited the temple nearly for 40 days now except for two days. Feeling happy that I have done something regularly for more than a month. 

This week some of my classmates and I went to the Natural Fresh ice cream stall in Chrompet and had a nice time there one evening. Then on Thursday one of my classmate (Priya) brought chicken briyani for the whole class. We had a nice, heavy and sumptuous lunch on that day. Then on the same day I received a certificate of appreciation from the university for being the placement representative of the class. I believe few days in this week will stay in the memory for some years. Well, thats it for the week. Have a nice weekend reader friends.

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Mohana Birthday 2011

This is the last birthday party that we celebrated in the degree. The next birthday falls only in July and by then we would have completed the degree. As usual we had ordered a cake and had it cut by the b'day girl. This time it was almost evening when we celebrated because the person of the day was late. After cutting the cake in the college we went to Gupta Bhavan which is situated in the Chrompet main road near our college. We had a nice time there that evening. Some dint turn out that day due to some other fixtures. We took some pictures and shot some videos that were very nice to watch. Some of them are cool enough to watch over and over.  Click here to view the photos.

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Weeks 39 and 40

The last two weeks were as cool as Chennai is now. Yes, its raining in Chennai right now (3.30AM) as I write this post. Chennai is receiving some rainfall since the last three days and one needn't explain how big the relief would be for the Chennai people from the April-May summer heat. 

The first week was full of holidays since the state assembly poll was scheduled in the week. Initially I had showed interest to attend an election duty (as a laptop operator) on the day of election but I pulled out of it since I had to wake up at 4 in the morning and travel 3 hours to reach the polling booth. I dint get good feedback from the friends who attended it and I felt the rest was worth more than the 700 INR that I would have got for doing the one day job. 

The second week was supposed to be full of final project review but still the conference work continues to dominate. Some of my classmates have completed the review and they are expecting the final viva eagerly to finish off the degree. The rest of us will be having the review in the week to come. Most probably we would be completing the degree in the mid of May. I am yet to publish the paper that we are supposed to do before we complete the degree. I am preparing the paper with the help of my classmate (Sudha) and I am half way through it. Probably in one or two days I would be sending it for some conference. 

Other than M.Tech the only thing that I think about too much is starting a non-profitable organisation to help the poor and needy by providing basic needs like education, food and shelter. I have taken the first step by opening a page called YUVA in Facebook. I have got only one like for the page other than mine which made me feel letdown but I have made up my mind not to drop the plan. Some have already shown their interests towards this plan and I think I will be able to start it within this year end. 

Well thats it from the past two weeks and nothing more really interesting if any I will let you know here. 

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Week 38

I feel that the week that just passed away was the laziest week that I ever had in my life at least in the recent past. I used to go to college only during lunch hours and stay there till evening if possible and then return to room. It was also the most peaceful week for me as I dint have to meet many  people. There was less entertainment at the beginning of the week but the beginning of the IPL2011 came as a relief for the next 50 days in the summer. Still I am visiting the Kumaran Kundram temple daily in the evenings. It has become a place for me to relax these days. Its a calm atmosphere where a mild breeze will be always found on the top of the hill. 

I watched the recently released movie "Mappillai" in Vettri theater here in Chrompet yesterday night. It was a damn boring movie that I have watched in the recent days. 

The city is getting more hotter day by day as the summer gets more intense. The power cuts during night hours are making life horrible here at Chennai. As we get tax added to the bill in the hotels, the problem of water scarcity gets added to the summer heat which makes life even miserable. I am desperately waiting for the days to evaporate in the countdown clock. It will be a big relief to complete the degree and get out of this institution. I am also waiting for the offer letter from Capgemini because I am eager to know the place and duration of training. I think I have to wait for another 7 tough weeks of my life to know my future better. Thats it for the week. Rest in next.

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Week 37

It was a week that had very little academics and more cricket. As usual we were asked to do lot of conference work. In fact everyday we used to type comments and send mails to at least 100 persons. Its not a difficult task to do but its boring. Apart from this the entertaining thing throughout the week was cricket. The whole nation would have watched the two matches this week that caught the attention of the entire cricketing world. The match against the Pakistanis created a lot of hype and it did live up to the expectations. It was a nice one to watch and the match was alive till the end. Similarly the finals too had the tempo going till the end. Every cricket fan in India would have felt happy to see the Indians lift the cup after a gap of 28 years. They have set many new records like the hosting nation winning the cup for the first time in the cricket history, two Asian nations playing finals for the first time and so on. It was full of cricket in every nook and corner of India the whole week I would say. The week was almost like full of holidays to me. None of my roommates ate that day night watching the match. After the match we roamed in the streets of Chrompet to watch the celebrations of the fans after the Indian team lifted the cup. 

Its going to be Indian Premier League for the rest of the college days and it will be our only topic to discuss as it begins from 8th of this month. The days are coming to a close here at MIT and we would be leaving the college at the end of May. I have lot of work to do before the final viva. Well, thats it for the week. Happy Ugadi reader friends. 

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