Weeks 48 and 49

The last two weeks were similar to my previous weeks at home. I attended one of my school friends' wedding at Gobi near Erode last Sunday. Since it was a love marriage there were problems from the parents of the couples but only the girl's relatives were present and the marriage took place without the guy's parents.

I went to my mom's native and spent a day there once this week. In between I also took time to watch two new tamil movies (Avan Ivan & Ko) running in the city. Both the movies were good entertainers and worth watching in theaters.  Vishal has acted well in the movie and may get some awards. The other movie is also worth watching for the sake of its story line. 

Other than normal routine at home I am not doing anything useful. If I have to be honest I am Just wasting time at home. Well that is all for the week. Have a nice time reader friends.

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Week 47

I spent most of the week in Salem at my home. I went to Mysore to attend a wedding and spent the first two days of the week for that. So the first two days were gone in travelling. Whenever I travel to Karnataka I feel that I should get back to the place as quick as possible because I love the climate there. Since I did my B.E in Bangalore I got used to the pleasant climate there and learnt the language (Kannada) too. I missed the climate and the city for the last two years since I had to do  M.Tech in Chennai. Now I am done with my PG degree and I am praying to God that I should get posting in Bangalore. I have decided to settle down in Bangalore and I am waiting for it. 

Well as usual I am spending time by eating, sleeping, watching tv and browsing net. I am yet to receive the DOJ and location. The curiosity in knowing the city is raising day by day as it gets closer. I would love to get posted in Bangalore. Lets see what the future has in stock for me. Well thats it to say for the week. I wish all the reader friends a nice time. 

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Weeks 45 and 46

The past two weeks were the most mentally disturbed days of my life. I was facing a lot of problems in the past two weeks and have decided not to worry anymore about the things that disturbed my peace of mind. Most of my well wishers too advise me the same. So I have decided to forget the things that make me unhappy and maintain distance from the persons who create such unhappy circumstances and situations in my life. After all, its my life and I decide who should and who shouldn't stay in my life. 

I dint go out too much except attending a wedding of one of my relatives. I stayed back at home and spent the entire time watching tv and browsing the internet. I am waiting for the DOJ from the company so that I can stay away from my home. I got used to staying away from home from my LKG days. So I like only coming home at weekends or for vacation. I don't have too many friends and I don't have any friend who is with me for a long time. Wherever I go I make friends and once I leave the place I fail to stay in touch with them regularly. At least from now on I am trying to stay in touch with my friends through social network sites and phone calls and I don't know how far I will succeed in this. As we all do, I too pin my hopes on the future to come. 

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