Week 6

The week had only four working days including Saturday(today). Monday was declared holiday due to Onam and was compensated on Saturday(today). Wednesday was declared holiday because of rain. It usually happens in Chennai due to water stagnating on roads that creates a big chaos affecting the city's traffic. So the local government used to declare holiday for Chennaites during these situations. 

Thursday was the day that I can't forget atleast for some more days to come. I got a good name from my HOD. She said that I am the only student in my class who comes to college regularly when the whole class was caught for not being punctual and regular to the college. She asked me to leave the room and scolded others for around 3 hours. This comment from her has made me to work more towards my main project because she is one of the members in the project review committee. 

One more thing I would like to mention here is that I have got a new friend here at MIT. His name is Mr.Premnath. We have developed a good rapport among ourselves. Just minutes back we had dinner together in the canteen and I waved him bye before he left to his native. More about him in the future posts. 

One of my classmates commented on this blog saying that its not catchy enough to read. I will try to improve this blog and make it more interesting to read in the days to come. One request to the reader friends is not to expect very minute details about my personal life in this blog because I can not make everything public. I can only share incidents, views, opinions, and happenings in my life that can be discussed in public. Other than these petty things nothing interesting happened during this week. Happy weekend to all the reader friends. 

Week 5

It was a wonderful week for me because there were two b'day celebrations as I have written in my previous posts. Friday night we attended one of my classmates' sister's wedding. So, this week had something interesting throughout. There were no classes this week because we were busy with the placement activities. M.tech students were eligible only for two companies during this week and there were no bulk recruitment happening. Each company selected less than 10 out of around 2000 students who attended. So far 6 companies have come for recruitment and have taken only around 20 students from all 4 campuses of Anna university. Apart from placement related activities there were nothing happening throughout this week. We didn't even play throughout the week because I din't feel well on Monday and Tuesday and on rest of the days I had some work or the other that kept me away from the badminton court.

I forgot to mention one good thing that is happening here. Chennai's climate is changing and it has started to rain regularly here. And one more thing that I did for the first time in Chennai is I went to the Kumaran Kundram temple on Sunday that is near my room. It was a good place and I felt some sort of peacefulness when I was there. I have planned to visit the temple on all Sundays. Well thats it about this week and I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend and happy Onam. 

Arul B'day Celebration

Arul Anand is my friend and roommate. I know him from my school days. We studied from 6th to 12th together and now we are doing our post graduation together but this time we are in different branches.  His b'day is on 14th August (Saturday). We should have cut a cake on Friday night but since we were scattered we couldn't get together to celebrate it that night. We thought of celebrating it on Saturday in the college and made all the arrangements to cut a cake. Unfortunately he had to go to his home due to some reason and our plan was a big flop. So we were unable to cut it on his b'day. We waited for two more days till 16th night, the day he came back from his native, to celebrate it. Thanks to Mohan from Avionics and Lingesh from IT who accompanied us in the celebration to make it a memorable one. I have included two of the photos that were taken on that day in this post.  The guy on the left is Lingesh and the other is Arul. Photos that contain Mohan is not put here considering his costume. 

Birthday Photos: 17 August 2010

I have uploaded some of the photos that we clicked on my birthday in this post. The guy in checked shirt is Lingesh. The guy in black shirt and blue jeans is Vivek. The guy in black t-shirt and blue jeans is Vinoth and the other guy in formals is Arul (my roommate). Thanks to these friends who made this birthday a memorable one with this celebration. 

My Birthday: 17 August 2010

It was Tuesday and I had almost recovered (90%) from food poisoning that I had since Sunday night. Campus recruitment had started in Anna university a few days back and I was eligible for the company (Global Scholar) that was visiting on my birthday and it was the first company that I attended here. Since I hadn't prepared I din't do well in the written technical. The company shortlisted only 29 out of around 1500 students for the second round and finally selected 6. 

After attending the campus recruitment I came to MIT campus. In the evening we had a small birthday celebration. We stayed in the college lab till 10 and I left to my room. We clicked some photos that would stay in our memories in the future to come. To view the photos click here

This is what I did on my birthday and it was yet another day in my life. I have not taken any serious resolutions this birthday, but still I have decided to follow Vivek's advice. He has advised me not to skip breakfast, since it would result in some problems at the later stages of life. I have made up my mind to have something in the morning for breakfast.

As expected wishes came through Facebook, Orkut scraps, calls and messages. As usual mom asked me to go to temple in the morning which I din't do because I had to hurry to the main campus for attending placements. Some of my friends forgot my birthday or thought that my birthday is on 18th August and wished me a day later. Once again I thank all the good hearts that wished me for my birthday.  

Week 4

This week will stay in my memory for a long time because I woke up at 6 pm on Sunday evening after going to bed at 2 am on Saturday night. I did not get up early because I had severe shoulder pain and thats why I kept sleeping. In the evening I felt somewhat relieved and I got up at 6 in the evening. Then I went out to have some food because after Saturday's dinner I hadn't taken food. After eating I took a pain killer and came back to my room only to continue sleeping. I din't do anything else on Sunday except sleeping. Monday I felt relieved and there on it was a normal week for me. 

On Tuesday we were told that Amazon was coming for campus recruitment the next day, so my friend(Lingesh) and I prepared till 1.30 am that night. Next day(Wednesday) we went to main campus to attend the recruitment process of the first company for this year. But to our disappointment their cut off was 8.0 CGPA which most of us did not have. Since I have only 7.5 I had to find my way back to MIT campus. The next company that came was ebay for which none of the M.Tech(IT) students were allowed to attend. Around 16 companies are scheduled for this month but M.Tech is allowed to attend only few companies. We are eligible for three more companies in this month. I have to wait and see what is going to happen. Apart from placement activities nothing is happening right now. Some of the classes are suspended due to placement activities. 

As usual I am playing regularly and as a result I got my weight reduced by 2 kgs. After playing on Friday evening, Lingesh and I were watched movie in open air theater in our campus till 12 and then we went to our rooms. Well, thats it for the week and if something interesting happens I will update in this blog. Nice weekend friends.

Week 3

One good thing that I did throughout the week was I attended all the classes except two for which I was absent because of fever. I was not feeling well on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was under medication. Still I have some cold left in me and because of this problem I am unable to have the food that I used to take regularly. This illness made me a little weak and slow in doing many things. I din't feel like getting up in the mornings on some days of the week. Some of my friends even scared me by suggesting that it could be malaria and advised me to have a check up. I din't take it seriously since it was not that severe. As usual I din't inform my parents about this because I was afraid of their advices and the phone calls that they would make if I tell them. 

We couldn't play badminton on all weekdays because college hanger-1 (where MIT students play) was being prepared to receive the first year(B.Tech) students who got admitted on August 4. After a gap of three days I played on Friday evening for more than two hours. As usual after Friday's play I went to hostel mess for special dinner with my friend (Lingeshwaraa) with whom I usually go to mess. 

I had two internals in this week. The one that we were supposed to write on Friday was postponed to Monday. None of my classmates including research scholars were ready to write on Friday except Vivek. Since others were not ready we postponed it to Monday. Now I have to prepare for the internals as well as for placement. Companies are starting their recruitment process from the 11th of this month. In this month we are getting around 15 companies for which M.Tech(IT) is eligible only for Cisco and Deloitte. Well, this is the my story of the week. Till I come up with next post I wish my reader friends a happy weekend.