Week 37

It was a week that had very little academics and more cricket. As usual we were asked to do lot of conference work. In fact everyday we used to type comments and send mails to at least 100 persons. Its not a difficult task to do but its boring. Apart from this the entertaining thing throughout the week was cricket. The whole nation would have watched the two matches this week that caught the attention of the entire cricketing world. The match against the Pakistanis created a lot of hype and it did live up to the expectations. It was a nice one to watch and the match was alive till the end. Similarly the finals too had the tempo going till the end. Every cricket fan in India would have felt happy to see the Indians lift the cup after a gap of 28 years. They have set many new records like the hosting nation winning the cup for the first time in the cricket history, two Asian nations playing finals for the first time and so on. It was full of cricket in every nook and corner of India the whole week I would say. The week was almost like full of holidays to me. None of my roommates ate that day night watching the match. After the match we roamed in the streets of Chrompet to watch the celebrations of the fans after the Indian team lifted the cup. 

Its going to be Indian Premier League for the rest of the college days and it will be our only topic to discuss as it begins from 8th of this month. The days are coming to a close here at MIT and we would be leaving the college at the end of May. I have lot of work to do before the final viva. Well, thats it for the week. Happy Ugadi reader friends. 

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