Week 32

The week started with the talks of review to be conducted on Monday but unavailability of panel members made way for another postponement. Its on next Monday. 

The college is now caught in the Mitafest fever. Mitafest is the colorful event that the college organizes during the even semesters where students from MIT and other colleges take part. There will be many events ranging from essay writing to cultural programs. The campus is filled with students participating in different events from Thursday evening. It will go on till Sunday night when the Mitafest will come to an end. Though this is my second year at this college I missed all the functions so far due to lack of interest. This is first time I am watching some of the programs of Mitafest. It doesn't matter whether or not the program is good but the audience have a nice time dancing to the tunes of the songs. The college has invited some celebrities from Kollywood and everyday we have some chief guests for the cultural program. Especially the events that are scheduled for the nights are very good. I should thank my classmates for this chance because we were planning for a trip during these holidays. Since I dint get cooperation from all my classmates I had to drop the plan. In fact I had some misunderstandings and patch ups with some of my classmates in this tour planning. Even now I don't talk to some of them and I don't think I would patch up with them before I complete the course. Some of my classmates are really friendly and I don't mean that all are bad. Its because of one or two in the class the whole trip got collapsed and there wont be any  good memories to cherish upon after we go out of this college. I too left it thinking these people want to be just classmates and not friends. I think I am going too emotional now so it would be good to stop here. 

Really nothing interesting in personal life as well as college life except this week's Mitafest. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend as usual and sign off for the week. Take care. 

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