Week 72

Yet another week in my life. Desperately need a job in software industry but no interview calls from any job portals. I am still waiting for the call from Capgemini. My parents are not showing interest in sending me from home to search for a job. They want me to look after the land till I get the call. I feel that my job at home is complete and should look for a temporary job till I get the call from Capgemini. Most probably I will be in Bangalore next week searching for a job. 

Went to native four times in the past week and did very little work. No rains these days. If I stay home I will be forced to water the plants next week in which I am not interested. The field is not plain so irrigation is difficult and watering every plant makes life more difficult for 2000 plants. 

Came to home after degree and did some useful work with which I am contended. Now its time for me to set out and look for a temporary job. Successfully completed six months at home and have put handsome weight even though I had farming work. 

Once again I got a chance to cook at home but today it was turkey and as usual I prepared turkey gravy and it was good to eat. Got an appreciation from one of my neighbours who tasted it. Now I have the confidence that I can manage to prepare my food when I am alone. Well thats it for the week. Rest in next.

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