Week 23

It was a stress free week. I did not go to college much since only thing we have to do is project. I don't feel like going to college because many of my classmates never come to college or just come for an hour and go back. This makes me feel lonely and makes me to stay back. Since placements are going on in the university campus some are preparing for it by staying back at their place. So I too preferred to stay back at my room but I am not seriously preparing for the next company (IBM). I don't have problem in clearing the first few rounds like written and group discussion, the problem is tech where I have to concentrate more. I had a wavering mind but have made up my mind now to get a job in company and work for at least 2 years.

I think times are changing for better. Only one pressure is there as of now and that is to complete my project successfully and come out of college. One more thing after M.Tech is to get a job in Bangalore because the city is more close to my heart than any other place where I have lived.

Well, thats is for the week. Advance new year wishes to all my blog reader friends and your family members.  

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Weeks 20,21,22

Hi friends, its a long time since I blogged last. It was after my exams and before I attended the phase one project viva. A lot of things happened since then. I went to my native for a small break (a week) and then I came back to Chennai. As far as my phase one project viva is concerned I was happy because not too many questions were asked because the external examiner was in a hurry to catch his train back to his place.

When I was in native I visited some of the temples that we usually go to and then it was only watching tv and taking rest. I mean it was like just eating and sleeping.

After I came back to Chennai and till now, the students in the university are more concerned about their placements. 6 students from my class have got placed and still 4 of us are trying to get placed in some company including me and the remaining 4 are not interested in placements. As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts I am more interested in going as lecturer but due to some reasons I am asked to attend placements. If I get placed in some companies before I complete M.Tech, I am planning to work for a minimum period of two years and then fall back to teaching. 

Last week I attended Firstapex and Wipro but could not clear the interviews. I am waiting for my turn. If I am lucky I will give you a good news within this month or early next month. 

I am really lucky to have a good bunch of friends in M.Tech who came to main campus to give me confidence when I had Wipro interviews. Lingesh and Vivek came there in the morning and stayed there till 10 in the night. But unfortunately I din't get placed in Wipro. I am waiting for companies like IBM and MindTree. 

Well thats it for now. Actually I thought of writing a lot here but due to time constraint I stop here until I come up with my next update. Wish you all a nice time.

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Week 19

Hi reader friends. I would have missed this update since I was concentrating on my project documentation for Monday (29.11.2010). I have got my phase-I viva and demo for project on Monday and I am preparing for it now. I had two theory papers in this week. Friday I wrote my last theory paper in M.Tech and the only remaining portion is project. The next five months in MIT is going to be only project for me. I don't know whether or not my guide would allow me to go for this semester holidays. Since I din't take it that seriously I din't do much in the project. But the people here will make me to take it seriously in the next semester.

I am praying to GOD that nothing messy should happen on Monday. After Monday life would be peaceful for some days to come and as usual tensions of project would start following like the Hutch dog. 

I am planning to go home for a couple of days and also to Bangalore. My life is in the hands of IT department for the next 5 months. Well thats all for the week. Wish all of you a happy weekend until I come up with my next update.

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Week 18

With the start of this week started the semester exams. Have completed one theory paper and two more are scheduled for the next week. The phase-1 project viva has been postponed to 29th of November. 

My head is filled only with internal marks and the marks that I have to score in the external to clear the theory papers. I can imagine the mental relief that I would have when the results are out with all the three theory papers cleared. 

This system of setting question papers and evaluation of answer scripts is entirely different from other colleges. This is what is not making us (M.Tech-IT) to take the theory papers very seriously. But the pressure is always on and we feel it all the day no matter what exam we have. All the days are same here. 

The only good thing that happens here is rain. Everyday the city is receiving good rain that  keeps the heat away. That's all for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend until I come up with next update. 

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Weeks 16 & 17

Nice to be back writing even though I missed out a weekly update. I couldn't write it last week because of Diwali holidays. There is a lot to say and write here but still I don't have enough time even now.

The problem of guide and project is almost solved and came to an end. All the working days I was afraid that I would be called for review and be scolded by the HOD. Finally it happened on this Wednesday and everything is smooth now. 

I had a break of almost 5 days for Diwalil (one day was declared holiday due to rain in the city). I watched only movies those 5 days (around 10). Notable one among them was  Inception which is a nice movie and I feel that all should watch it at least once. 

I am waiting for this semester to end with a positive note. I should clear three theory papers and attend one project viva before that. A person from NIT Trichy is coming as external for our project viva. I think there will be a lot of expectations on us. Again its gonna be a problem with little stuff in the project. Hope so I will take project a little seriously from the next semester because I will have only that to complete for the degree. As always waiting for the above count down clock to tick down to zero seconds left. 

I wish all the reader friends a very happy weekend till I come with my next update.

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Week 15

The city (Chennai) is getting more rain these days and only now the rainy season has started here. The climate is very nice in the city. The only bad thing that happens during this season in Chennai is the stagnation of water on the roads that makes self transportation difficult.  Otherwise it was a very hectic week for me. A lot of scoldings from the HOD on behalf of the whole class. The second review is completed for all the students of the class except me. I am facing a little problem because of my guide's complaint to the HOD about my irregularity in meeting him. Not much progress in my project work really but still have managed to do something on my own. 

Hope the problem gets rectified and gets a solution on Monday. I am supposed to be ready on Monday with my second review. I am the only one who will be facing the review panel members (3 members) and my guide, so the full concentration will be on me. So its gonna be the judgement day for me. After that a lot of work has to be completed before the festival of lights starts. Submission of project reports, demo of main project and mini projects and one more assessment (internal test) to be completed. 

Its really a lot of pressure here in MIT before we sit for semester exams and I am experiencing it more now than before (previous semesters). The next two weeks are going to be the most hectic ones with a lot of workload. I think thats enough about me for the week.

I wish all the reader friends a happy & joyful festival of lights (Diwali) in advance and a happy  weekend. 

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Week 14

Hi reader friends, wish you a happy and joyful weekend. 

All the working days of the week passed away without much pressure. I think this is the only week I worked a lot towards my project in this semester but still I am not ready for the review that is scheduled on Monday (25.10.2010). As I have written in the last week's post the next one month is gonna be very hectic and full of pressure. Probably two project reviews and one internals cycle will be there. I am planning not to go to my native for this Diwali because I have got my semester exams one week after the festival of lights.

My routine goes unchanged even under these pressure situations. All my classmates feel only one thing. They want to complete the degree, get out of this institution and have a tension free life. We feel the pressure because they expect a lot from us. The UG students are more talented than us because they started their college education here . Since we did our UG in different institutions we are unable to match the standards of the UG students. Few of my classmates have decided to become lecturers and do PhD and some are trying to get placed in software companies. I am still in a dilemma. I don't want to be under pressure and don't want to be used by software companies like machines but will work for 1 or 2 yrs in companies if I get an opportunity. I have PhD in my mind. Hopefully in the next semester everyone's life will be decided (atleast professionally). Even I am waiting for those peaceful days. 

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Week 13

Yet another week in my life. Everything went on as usual. Once again I was asked to meet HOD for not signing regularly in the attendance register. I always have a question in my mind when I sign the register. Am I a staff or Student? Because they say that they treat us (PG students) like staffs here but I have never felt like that. At sometimes they do but the kind of pressure that they give is unbearable. I don't know what is waiting for me in the next class committee meeting. Anyways its part and parcel of our life and we have to take it.  I am waiting for the above count down timer to show 0 days left.

I feel that the next one month at MIT is gonna be the worst of all times because we have got two project reviews waiting before we go in for the external viva. Its not going to be easy. And one more internals cycle has to be completed and it means a lot of pressure. 

One more thing worth mentioning here is that, our HOD invited all Staffs and PG students to her home for Navrathri. Vivek, Lingesh and I went to her home on Thursday evening to see Golu. We stayed there for around 30 minutes and had some sweet and juice before we came back. The IT department too organized a pooja on Friday for which most of the staffs and PG students were present.  

Once again we have started playing shuttle in Hanger-II. We din't play on all the days of the week but it was good to be playing again.

Well, thats it for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy Saraswathy and Ayudha pooja  and also happy Dussehra. Happy weekend friends. 

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Lingesh Birthday Celebrations

On Saturday after 2 pm we celebrated Lingesh's birthday in my room by cutting a cake and taking some photos. I have uploaded some of those photos here in this post.

Left to Right in the photo below : Vivek, Vinoth, Lingesh (guy with specs) and Chandru.

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Week 12

Normal week. Thats how I can describe this week. Nothing interesting except that we have Lingesh's birthday today. We are planning to celebrate it after 1 pm. Still guys are not in the campus so its getting delayed. We just had one internal in this week and only normal classes and seminar. Still I have to write one more internals (Grid Computing) in the second assessment cycle. 

Watched the movie Endhiran aka Robot. Its not up to the mark. I think this is not what most of the audience expected from director Shanker. Many of my friends too feel the same. The movie doesn't have a good story. Previous movies of the director are better compared to this one. Well, this is only my opinion about the movie and people have different opinions. 

Yesterday (Friday) two of our seniors (Rajkumar and Subbu) came to college to receive provisional degree certificates from college. After they completed all their work we went to a hotel (Anjappar) near by and had lunch. Ofcourse, it was a treat from them for us.

Thats it for the week. Wish you a happy weekend.

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Vivek's Birthday Celebrations

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Week 11

Hi friends. It was yet another week but I went to college only on two days. I was suffering from fever and couldn't attend college regularly and missed out one subject's internal test. Anyhow I am writing it on Tuesday. There are no classes going on and it was only internals and project through out the week. Exams are fast approaching and there is not much time left for our first phase project viva. Have to get more serious and see to that things go straight and proper till the end of this semester. 

Apart from the normal college activities we had Vivek's birthday on 28th of September. We were unable to celebrate it on the same day because we were in different places. Some of us were attending campus recruitment and I was down with fever. So we took time and celebrated it on September 30 in my room. 

Another incident happened this week. I and Lingesh were caught by two police men for roaming in the streets at 2 am one day. We had dinner in Mr.Premnath's home and were chatting till 2 am. Then we thought of leaving to our respective rooms. Just few minutes after leaving his home we fell in the sight of two police men and were questioned for around 15 minutes until we called Mr.Premnath. Then he came to the spot with his id card and rescued us. After two days we met the same police men near a shop during day time. I called one of them and showed my id card to prove that I am a student of Anna university. He then told me that its a regular check that they do and explained why they did that check up that day night. Now we are friends.

This is what happened throughout the week. Wish you all a happy weekend until I come up with my next update. 

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Week 9 & 10

Hi reader friends. I couldn't write last Saturday because I had my project review-1 to be completed last Monday. But, my turn came only on Tuesday and I completed it without much problem and the feedback from the panel members were neither good nor bad. Happy to complete the review without much problem. We had a class committee meeting where my name was taken up for discussion for a small complaint against me but HOD came for rescue and helped me from the situation. She has a good opinion about me so things are going smoothly for me. 

Another funny incident happened last Friday (Sep-17). All my class boys decided to go for a movie that night at 9.30 pm. We went to cinema hall and booked the tickets and were waiting for one of our friends to arrive. To our surprise our HOD also came there to watch the same movie with her family. She saw us first and introduced her family members to me. After that incident we din't meet her till we faced her in the review the next week. We were very afraid that she would quote the incident if we don't do the review well but the review went on well and there were no problems. 

Apart from these things we had a company coming for internship recruitment which I din't attend. Lingesh has cleared the first round and waiting for the results of the final round that would be announced on Monday. Now we are preparing for the second cycle assessment that is starting on Monday and counting the days for the end semester exams. Hope everything goes on well and comes to conclusion without much pressure for us. Happy weekend to all the reader friends till I come up with my next update.

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My Chicken Gravy Recipe

As I wrote in my last post, Mr.Premnath  and I prepared chicken gravy last Sunday. I have shared my experience of making chicken gravy in this post. We din't have the idea of cooking non-veg until he called me around 11am and told me about the idea. First I refused to cook because I had no experience. Expect coffee, tea, dosa and recently chutni I don't know to prepare any dish. With a little hesitation I accepted to cook with him. We bought chicken and all the necessary ingredients and went to his home. Below is the recipe that we followed.

1. 100 gms of onion
2. Garlic, ginger and coconut paste
3. Sakthi chicken masala (50 gms)
4. Chicken (half a kg)
5. Potatoes and tomatoes (half a kg together)
6. Add chillies and salt to your taste

1. Heat some oil and fry chopped onion until it turns to golden brown color.
2. Now add chicken and then the paste with some water and stir it nicely.
3. Then add the cut vegetables and sakthi chicken masala and stir it for 30 minutes.
4. Add salt to taste while stirring so that it doesn't stick to only few pieces of chicken.
5. Before turning the stove off add some coriander and curry leaves for smell and taste and serve hot.

This is the recipe that we followed. I don't advise all of you to follow this for good taste but those who don't know to cook non-veg can try out this one because we had a fantastic lunch that day. Now I added one more dish to my cooking menu. 

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Week 8

First of all I like to wish all the reader friends a happy Ganesh Chathurthi. It was a nice week with little rain in the evenings on most of the weekdays that took the heat away from the city. A week with 3 continuous holidays is sure to set up a perfect holiday mood. I am relaxing a lot in these holidays by just watching movies and sleeping. Yesterday night I watched the movie "Robin Hood" and the day before I watched "Expendables". Both the movies are worth watching atleast once. Still I have around 10 movies in my laptop that I have not watched. These days I don't find time to watch movies because I have some work to do that is related to my main project. 

Last Saturday after writing my weekly post, I along with two of my classmates (Lingesh and Vinoth) went to Mr.Premnath's home in the evening for a cup of tea after his request. We prepared it ourselves and fortunately it was nice. We kept on talking till 8 pm after which he asked us to have dinner in his home. Vinoth left after having tea and then we three of us got ready for dinner. I prepared coconut chutni because only I knew how to do it among the three of us. I din't learn it until my mother taught me during last vacation. Again fortunately the chutni was good  and we had a nice dinner. Lingesh and I left his home after 11 pm that night when it was raining but not heavily. 

Sunday was the day that I cannot forget because I made chicken gravy that day along with Mr.Premnath. I thought of writing a post about it but din't find time. I will write the experience of making chicken gravy in my next post.

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In Front of Aero Dept., MIT

These photos were taken inside the MIT campus in front of Aeronautical department. The person in the striped t-shirt standing with me in the first photo is Mr.Premnath. The guy in yellow t-shirt is Vinoth and the one in last photo is Lingesh.

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Week 7

It was yet another normal week with only four working days. Wednesday was local government holiday (Krishna Jayanthi). I went to Kumaran Kundran temple that day evening and its only the second time I am visiting this temple. This time I went alone. The temple is situated on a hill and its a nice place to relax since its always quiet and calm. I am planning to post some photos of the temple and the view of Chromepet from Kumaran Kundram in this blog. 

The classes went on as usual and there were no internals and no reviews during this week. The next week is gonna be hectic because we have got class committee meeting, first review, placements..etc., Everything  will happen in the same week, so I have to pull up the socks. I have proposed some novelties to my project guide and we are narrowing down on it and hopefully we will be finalizing it on Monday.

Still I have not resumed playing badminton. All of us who play regularly have got some problems which has kept us away from the court. Hopefully we would start within a week again. Overall it was a peaceful week.

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Photos: Visit to Mahabalipuram

These photos were taken during the visit to Mahabalipuram. The guy in blue t-shirt is Vivek, pink shirt is Vinoth, white shirt is Chandru, the guy with glasses is Lingesh.You know me.

Week 6

The week had only four working days including Saturday(today). Monday was declared holiday due to Onam and was compensated on Saturday(today). Wednesday was declared holiday because of rain. It usually happens in Chennai due to water stagnating on roads that creates a big chaos affecting the city's traffic. So the local government used to declare holiday for Chennaites during these situations. 

Thursday was the day that I can't forget atleast for some more days to come. I got a good name from my HOD. She said that I am the only student in my class who comes to college regularly when the whole class was caught for not being punctual and regular to the college. She asked me to leave the room and scolded others for around 3 hours. This comment from her has made me to work more towards my main project because she is one of the members in the project review committee. 

One more thing I would like to mention here is that I have got a new friend here at MIT. His name is Mr.Premnath. We have developed a good rapport among ourselves. Just minutes back we had dinner together in the canteen and I waved him bye before he left to his native. More about him in the future posts. 

One of my classmates commented on this blog saying that its not catchy enough to read. I will try to improve this blog and make it more interesting to read in the days to come. One request to the reader friends is not to expect very minute details about my personal life in this blog because I can not make everything public. I can only share incidents, views, opinions, and happenings in my life that can be discussed in public. Other than these petty things nothing interesting happened during this week. Happy weekend to all the reader friends. 

Week 5

It was a wonderful week for me because there were two b'day celebrations as I have written in my previous posts. Friday night we attended one of my classmates' sister's wedding. So, this week had something interesting throughout. There were no classes this week because we were busy with the placement activities. M.tech students were eligible only for two companies during this week and there were no bulk recruitment happening. Each company selected less than 10 out of around 2000 students who attended. So far 6 companies have come for recruitment and have taken only around 20 students from all 4 campuses of Anna university. Apart from placement related activities there were nothing happening throughout this week. We didn't even play throughout the week because I din't feel well on Monday and Tuesday and on rest of the days I had some work or the other that kept me away from the badminton court.

I forgot to mention one good thing that is happening here. Chennai's climate is changing and it has started to rain regularly here. And one more thing that I did for the first time in Chennai is I went to the Kumaran Kundram temple on Sunday that is near my room. It was a good place and I felt some sort of peacefulness when I was there. I have planned to visit the temple on all Sundays. Well thats it about this week and I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend and happy Onam. 

Arul B'day Celebration

Arul Anand is my friend and roommate. I know him from my school days. We studied from 6th to 12th together and now we are doing our post graduation together but this time we are in different branches.  His b'day is on 14th August (Saturday). We should have cut a cake on Friday night but since we were scattered we couldn't get together to celebrate it that night. We thought of celebrating it on Saturday in the college and made all the arrangements to cut a cake. Unfortunately he had to go to his home due to some reason and our plan was a big flop. So we were unable to cut it on his b'day. We waited for two more days till 16th night, the day he came back from his native, to celebrate it. Thanks to Mohan from Avionics and Lingesh from IT who accompanied us in the celebration to make it a memorable one. I have included two of the photos that were taken on that day in this post.  The guy on the left is Lingesh and the other is Arul. Photos that contain Mohan is not put here considering his costume. 

Birthday Photos: 17 August 2010

I have uploaded some of the photos that we clicked on my birthday in this post. The guy in checked shirt is Lingesh. The guy in black shirt and blue jeans is Vivek. The guy in black t-shirt and blue jeans is Vinoth and the other guy in formals is Arul (my roommate). Thanks to these friends who made this birthday a memorable one with this celebration. 

My Birthday: 17 August 2010

It was Tuesday and I had almost recovered (90%) from food poisoning that I had since Sunday night. Campus recruitment had started in Anna university a few days back and I was eligible for the company (Global Scholar) that was visiting on my birthday and it was the first company that I attended here. Since I hadn't prepared I din't do well in the written technical. The company shortlisted only 29 out of around 1500 students for the second round and finally selected 6. 

After attending the campus recruitment I came to MIT campus. In the evening we had a small birthday celebration. We stayed in the college lab till 10 and I left to my room. We clicked some photos that would stay in our memories in the future to come. To view the photos click here

This is what I did on my birthday and it was yet another day in my life. I have not taken any serious resolutions this birthday, but still I have decided to follow Vivek's advice. He has advised me not to skip breakfast, since it would result in some problems at the later stages of life. I have made up my mind to have something in the morning for breakfast.

As expected wishes came through Facebook, Orkut scraps, calls and messages. As usual mom asked me to go to temple in the morning which I din't do because I had to hurry to the main campus for attending placements. Some of my friends forgot my birthday or thought that my birthday is on 18th August and wished me a day later. Once again I thank all the good hearts that wished me for my birthday.  

Week 4

This week will stay in my memory for a long time because I woke up at 6 pm on Sunday evening after going to bed at 2 am on Saturday night. I did not get up early because I had severe shoulder pain and thats why I kept sleeping. In the evening I felt somewhat relieved and I got up at 6 in the evening. Then I went out to have some food because after Saturday's dinner I hadn't taken food. After eating I took a pain killer and came back to my room only to continue sleeping. I din't do anything else on Sunday except sleeping. Monday I felt relieved and there on it was a normal week for me. 

On Tuesday we were told that Amazon was coming for campus recruitment the next day, so my friend(Lingesh) and I prepared till 1.30 am that night. Next day(Wednesday) we went to main campus to attend the recruitment process of the first company for this year. But to our disappointment their cut off was 8.0 CGPA which most of us did not have. Since I have only 7.5 I had to find my way back to MIT campus. The next company that came was ebay for which none of the M.Tech(IT) students were allowed to attend. Around 16 companies are scheduled for this month but M.Tech is allowed to attend only few companies. We are eligible for three more companies in this month. I have to wait and see what is going to happen. Apart from placement activities nothing is happening right now. Some of the classes are suspended due to placement activities. 

As usual I am playing regularly and as a result I got my weight reduced by 2 kgs. After playing on Friday evening, Lingesh and I were watched movie in open air theater in our campus till 12 and then we went to our rooms. Well, thats it for the week and if something interesting happens I will update in this blog. Nice weekend friends.

Week 3

One good thing that I did throughout the week was I attended all the classes except two for which I was absent because of fever. I was not feeling well on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was under medication. Still I have some cold left in me and because of this problem I am unable to have the food that I used to take regularly. This illness made me a little weak and slow in doing many things. I din't feel like getting up in the mornings on some days of the week. Some of my friends even scared me by suggesting that it could be malaria and advised me to have a check up. I din't take it seriously since it was not that severe. As usual I din't inform my parents about this because I was afraid of their advices and the phone calls that they would make if I tell them. 

We couldn't play badminton on all weekdays because college hanger-1 (where MIT students play) was being prepared to receive the first year(B.Tech) students who got admitted on August 4. After a gap of three days I played on Friday evening for more than two hours. As usual after Friday's play I went to hostel mess for special dinner with my friend (Lingeshwaraa) with whom I usually go to mess. 

I had two internals in this week. The one that we were supposed to write on Friday was postponed to Monday. None of my classmates including research scholars were ready to write on Friday except Vivek. Since others were not ready we postponed it to Monday. Now I have to prepare for the internals as well as for placement. Companies are starting their recruitment process from the 11th of this month. In this month we are getting around 15 companies for which M.Tech(IT) is eligible only for Cisco and Deloitte. Well, this is the my story of the week. Till I come up with next post I wish my reader friends a happy weekend.

Week 2

The week started for me at 1.30 pm on last Sunday because I woke up that late. So, on Sunday I did nothing except taking rest. As I have written in my 'week 1' article, I thought of being punctual to the college and reached there at 8.30 itself on Monday , but my bad time I din't find the attendance register where we are supposed to sign before it goes to HOD at 8.45. Since I was the only M.Tech student who had come early on that day it was my turn to get scolded on behalf of all my classmates. This is how my week started. Then it was a normal week there on till Friday. I had the regular routine and had nothing interesting or special that happened in the college. 

This week will stay in my mind because my sister left to USA with her husband on Thursday night. I spent the previous day(Wednesday) in my sister's home. On Wednesday evening Vivek(my classmate and friend) came to my sister's home to pick me up and dropped me in college. Their flight was scheduled at 1 am Friday. I went to airport at 9.30 pm where both the families and some of their friends were already waiting to wave them safe journey. We stayed there till 10.30 pm Thursday night and waved them before they left for completing the formalities to board the flight. This time they will stay there for around 2 years. She had to resign her TCS job because she had to accompany her husband. She is going to search for a new job in USA with the 1 and half years of experience she had in TCS. I hope she will find one job very soon there. Just now I had a chat with her while writing this post. She said me that they reached there safely at 11.30 am Friday(USA time). It was a mixed feeling for me when they left India. I was happy for them but still I would miss them for 2 more years. This is not the first time I miss someone. Its used to me because I am a boarding student right from LKG. I used to meet her only during vacation when I was in school and even during college life we couldn't spend more time together since I was in Bangalore. I don't know what the future has got in store for both of us and I wonder if we would get some time to spend together in life. 

I have improved a lot in playing shuttle and I am getting very much interested in it. I am not willing to miss it even for a single day. This is how my week went on. I know there is nothing interesting to write in this blog regarding my personal routine but still as I said u I write this instead of my diary. 

Week 1

First of all I would like to apologize to all my blog readers for not writing daily. Since my routine doesn't give me extra time on week days I decided to write it once a week on every Saturday. Actually I am very much interested in sharing my experiences with most of my friends because of which I started writing this personal blog. I wanted to share my experiences of getting admission in to MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai. Hope so I would find time very soon to write about it and I am sure most of you would love it after reading it.

To tell about this week's experience it was a bit tough mentally because I had my 0th review of project and some how managed it even though still I am in literature survey. As I have written in one of my previous posts I started playing again and this time I have chosen shuttle. It was a nice feeling to be there sweating in the playgrounds instead of sitting in front of the monitor all day long. 

I couldn't attend 3 classes this week because I went to bed very late, at around 2 pm, on some of the days. This was the reason why I was absent for some of the classes before 10 am. I have decided not to cut any more classes from next week. I have made another decision too and that is to meet my project guide at least thrice a week. 

Yesterday two of my seniors (Prabhavathi & Sumitha) came to college and we, my classmates, had a nice time with them with a small photo session. These two photos in this post were taken yesterday.  Other than this there were nothing interesting that happened this week. I wish all my reader friends a happy and prosperous week ahead.

Back to Playing Games

My school mates are the ones who know me better than anyone else. Most of them would tell me where I would be at any given point of time. That was the understanding that we had between friends at Sainik School Amaravathinagar which is located in Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu. Why I mention this here is that only they know that I play a lot. Not only me, those who studied and who are studying there would be a good player of any one game. I had the chance of being the captain of the school basket ball team from the beginning till the end. I had played other games too but basket ball is the game that I played more during my school life though I used to discuss more about cricket with my friends.

After leaving school I had never played any game till last Tuesday when I started playing shuttle. Since we, 2nd year M.Tech guys, stay in the college till 10 pm or 11 pm on some days we thought of playing for sometime in the evening. One of our teaching staffs also play with us everyday. In fact he is the one who pulled us to the hanger-1 of MIT. It's nice to be playing games again which would be good for my health. At this point of time I remember one of my friends (Jayaraman) words who came to my room last week. He said that I am becoming fat and it would be better to control now itself. So I feel that this routine would keep my body weight under check. Most people in the IT industry would be fat because of their work nature which involves less physical work. So I would recommend these sort of work natured people to spend some time in the playgrounds if they are not interested in going to gym. Hope I will keep this routine going. 

A Visit to Trichy

I recently visited Trichy to attend a workshop on network simulators. To be honest I din't know that there is going to be a workshop on this area. Since my guide asked me to attend it without fail I applied for it. My journey to Trichy from Chennai started at 10 pm from Coyambedu market. I had reserved a seat in a private travels and there was no problem of boarding the bus on time. I reached Trichy bus-stand by 5.30 on Saturday morning. After a search of 30 minutes for a lodge finally I found one near the railway station. I freshed up and left to Anna University Trichy at 7.15 am and when I reached there I found none in the campus except few securities. At 8 I had my  breakfast in the college canteen. After a wait of one hour, at 9, people started flowing into the campus. At 10 registration got over and everyone was ready for first session. Most of the people were teaching staff who were doing research in different areas that required the use of network simulators. Only around 10 post graduate students were there out of 60 who came to attend the workshop. First two sessions were power point presentations on simulator tools. After each session we had a break. At 1 we had lunch and gathered for demo session on QualNet and Exata. The final session of the day was hands-on session on both the tools where most of us couldn't get practice because of limited number of systems. 

The routine followed on the second day too but the simulator was different. It was the workshop sponsor's (RSOFT) day but they failed to impress us. It was first day's Kiran's afternoon session that impressed most of us a lot. At 4 o' clock on the second day the workshop came to an end with certificate distribution by the Registrar of Anna University Trichy. After getting the certificate I returned to Trichy and went for a movie (Singam) which was running in a theater near the bus-stand. I had to go for the movie because my bus was scheduled at 11.55 pm. After the movie I had dinner in a hotel near by. When the time was 10.30 I had nothing to do till 12 except to roam near the bus-stand and that was the time I saw many people taking shelter under trees by the side of the roads. Some felt it comfortable on the grassed medians between the roads. The government spends a lot of money on organizing functions to celebrate the classical status of the native language but forgets to provide basic amenities to the poor and needy. The incident that touched my heart to a greater extent was that of the little children begging for money near the bus-stand who at their age should be found only in schools. I don't know when the governments will wake up to these problems and provide education, food, shelter and  the basic amenities to these kind of children and poor people throughout the state. 

Finally I reached the boarding point of Parveen travels and waited for the bus. The bus din't come on scheduled time and that agitated me a lot. This made me scold the travels' people before boarding the bus at 12.30 am. On the way to Chennai, the bus collided with a three wheeler (goods auto) which woke up the passengers who were asleep. To my surprise there were no damage to humans and there were no quarrels between the drivers. The auto was upside down and the driver struggled to come out of it and succeeded without anyone's help. After coming out of auto he said " Please put my auto on wheels so that I can go". Then people there helped him get away from there with his damaged auto. Most of the people din't sleep properly after this accident till they got down from the bus.The bus reached Chromepet at 5.30 am on Monday where I got down. This journey for sure will stay in my memory for a long time because of the good and bad that happened in those two days.

My Recent Visit to Mahabalipuram

Last wednesday (13th July) I and my class boys set out to Mahabalipuram that afternoon. Since we (boys) are only 6 in our class there was not much problem in coordinating this trip. We had decided a day before itself but even then one guy (Sri Ganesh) refused to accompany us due to some reason that we still don't know. I think the probable reason could be nativity. Since he is from Andhra Pradesh and we are the natives, he doesn't mingle with us a lot, but still we make him feel comfortable at home to our best. We started from our college at 12.30 pm and since we were 5, we decided to go by bus. At approximately 3 o' clock we reached the Mahabalipuram bus-stand. Since none of us had lunch, we stopped at hotel Sagar to have a small meal.

After that, we headed to the beach after buying some snacks and a coke bottle(2 ltrs). All of us had a nice time in the beach swimming and playing. While 4 of us were playing in water, one guy (Vivek) refused to enter water. Because of his weight we couldn't pull him into water initially, but after some time we pulled him in to water. Till 6 o' clock we din't come out of water and it was good to stay in it because of Chennai's hot climate. Then we got dressed and started towards the temple, but to our surprise it was closed which we never expected. We just saw the temple from outside and came to bus-stand to catch bus to Tambaram. At 7 o' clock we got the bus to Tambaram and  reached there by 9. On the whole it was a nice trip to remember except for the salty sea water.