Week 29

It was a memorable week. We (my classmates) went out to have lunch at Nallas (a hotel near our college) on Friday and had some good moments there. It was a treat by the students who got placed in the class to the entire class. Other days were very normal and boring as usual in the college. A little bit of progress in the project and thats it about it. Since we have got college on Saturdays also its really hectic and boring throughout the week. I really don't know why we people come to college though we don't do a great deal of work in the college. Since there was no talk about the review for the project work there were less problems for us. From the next week onwards the tension of project review will start. Again its the same kind of pressure we face here. Its not how well we study here but its how well we obey the staff here thats really matters the most. In fact the students who don't do well would score more than the students who really did well. Thats the fate of the students who study in autonomous institutions. Anyway I have to follow the rules and regulations of the college for the next three months to go. Until then I think the same routine would continue for the rest of the degree. 

I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend ahead. 

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