Week 15

The city (Chennai) is getting more rain these days and only now the rainy season has started here. The climate is very nice in the city. The only bad thing that happens during this season in Chennai is the stagnation of water on the roads that makes self transportation difficult.  Otherwise it was a very hectic week for me. A lot of scoldings from the HOD on behalf of the whole class. The second review is completed for all the students of the class except me. I am facing a little problem because of my guide's complaint to the HOD about my irregularity in meeting him. Not much progress in my project work really but still have managed to do something on my own. 

Hope the problem gets rectified and gets a solution on Monday. I am supposed to be ready on Monday with my second review. I am the only one who will be facing the review panel members (3 members) and my guide, so the full concentration will be on me. So its gonna be the judgement day for me. After that a lot of work has to be completed before the festival of lights starts. Submission of project reports, demo of main project and mini projects and one more assessment (internal test) to be completed. 

Its really a lot of pressure here in MIT before we sit for semester exams and I am experiencing it more now than before (previous semesters). The next two weeks are going to be the most hectic ones with a lot of workload. I think thats enough about me for the week.

I wish all the reader friends a happy & joyful festival of lights (Diwali) in advance and a happy  weekend. 

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Week 14

Hi reader friends, wish you a happy and joyful weekend. 

All the working days of the week passed away without much pressure. I think this is the only week I worked a lot towards my project in this semester but still I am not ready for the review that is scheduled on Monday (25.10.2010). As I have written in the last week's post the next one month is gonna be very hectic and full of pressure. Probably two project reviews and one internals cycle will be there. I am planning not to go to my native for this Diwali because I have got my semester exams one week after the festival of lights.

My routine goes unchanged even under these pressure situations. All my classmates feel only one thing. They want to complete the degree, get out of this institution and have a tension free life. We feel the pressure because they expect a lot from us. The UG students are more talented than us because they started their college education here . Since we did our UG in different institutions we are unable to match the standards of the UG students. Few of my classmates have decided to become lecturers and do PhD and some are trying to get placed in software companies. I am still in a dilemma. I don't want to be under pressure and don't want to be used by software companies like machines but will work for 1 or 2 yrs in companies if I get an opportunity. I have PhD in my mind. Hopefully in the next semester everyone's life will be decided (atleast professionally). Even I am waiting for those peaceful days. 

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Week 13

Yet another week in my life. Everything went on as usual. Once again I was asked to meet HOD for not signing regularly in the attendance register. I always have a question in my mind when I sign the register. Am I a staff or Student? Because they say that they treat us (PG students) like staffs here but I have never felt like that. At sometimes they do but the kind of pressure that they give is unbearable. I don't know what is waiting for me in the next class committee meeting. Anyways its part and parcel of our life and we have to take it.  I am waiting for the above count down timer to show 0 days left.

I feel that the next one month at MIT is gonna be the worst of all times because we have got two project reviews waiting before we go in for the external viva. Its not going to be easy. And one more internals cycle has to be completed and it means a lot of pressure. 

One more thing worth mentioning here is that, our HOD invited all Staffs and PG students to her home for Navrathri. Vivek, Lingesh and I went to her home on Thursday evening to see Golu. We stayed there for around 30 minutes and had some sweet and juice before we came back. The IT department too organized a pooja on Friday for which most of the staffs and PG students were present.  

Once again we have started playing shuttle in Hanger-II. We din't play on all the days of the week but it was good to be playing again.

Well, thats it for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy Saraswathy and Ayudha pooja  and also happy Dussehra. Happy weekend friends. 

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Lingesh Birthday Celebrations

On Saturday after 2 pm we celebrated Lingesh's birthday in my room by cutting a cake and taking some photos. I have uploaded some of those photos here in this post.

Left to Right in the photo below : Vivek, Vinoth, Lingesh (guy with specs) and Chandru.

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Week 12

Normal week. Thats how I can describe this week. Nothing interesting except that we have Lingesh's birthday today. We are planning to celebrate it after 1 pm. Still guys are not in the campus so its getting delayed. We just had one internal in this week and only normal classes and seminar. Still I have to write one more internals (Grid Computing) in the second assessment cycle. 

Watched the movie Endhiran aka Robot. Its not up to the mark. I think this is not what most of the audience expected from director Shanker. Many of my friends too feel the same. The movie doesn't have a good story. Previous movies of the director are better compared to this one. Well, this is only my opinion about the movie and people have different opinions. 

Yesterday (Friday) two of our seniors (Rajkumar and Subbu) came to college to receive provisional degree certificates from college. After they completed all their work we went to a hotel (Anjappar) near by and had lunch. Ofcourse, it was a treat from them for us.

Thats it for the week. Wish you a happy weekend.

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Vivek's Birthday Celebrations

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Week 11

Hi friends. It was yet another week but I went to college only on two days. I was suffering from fever and couldn't attend college regularly and missed out one subject's internal test. Anyhow I am writing it on Tuesday. There are no classes going on and it was only internals and project through out the week. Exams are fast approaching and there is not much time left for our first phase project viva. Have to get more serious and see to that things go straight and proper till the end of this semester. 

Apart from the normal college activities we had Vivek's birthday on 28th of September. We were unable to celebrate it on the same day because we were in different places. Some of us were attending campus recruitment and I was down with fever. So we took time and celebrated it on September 30 in my room. 

Another incident happened this week. I and Lingesh were caught by two police men for roaming in the streets at 2 am one day. We had dinner in Mr.Premnath's home and were chatting till 2 am. Then we thought of leaving to our respective rooms. Just few minutes after leaving his home we fell in the sight of two police men and were questioned for around 15 minutes until we called Mr.Premnath. Then he came to the spot with his id card and rescued us. After two days we met the same police men near a shop during day time. I called one of them and showed my id card to prove that I am a student of Anna university. He then told me that its a regular check that they do and explained why they did that check up that day night. Now we are friends.

This is what happened throughout the week. Wish you all a happy weekend until I come up with my next update. 

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