Week 86

The week was not so hectic as the previous weeks. I woke up to alarm and went to office before time. This week most of the days I got seat to sit in the bus to Teynampet that will be usually crowded. As usual the training was going on as per their schedule. Now we have completed two technologies and tomorrow everyone should appear for a test in pl/sql. 

The Anna university conducted its graduation day on Saturday. I attended the function and got the degree certificate. I also met most of my classmates there. I have not seen only three of my classmates after the completion of the degree. Had a nice time with them taking some photographs. I have got problems of uploading photos here. It stays here for sometime and vanishes away. I don't know what is going wrong. So I planned to put it in picassa album and give a link here. Since I do not have the photos now I will upload the photos later and link it from here.

The company celebrated its Annual day this Friday and we had only half day on Friday. This is comparatively a longer weekend than we usually get during training. Though I had lot of time I couldn't prepare for the Monday's exam. Have to start it tonight only. Well, that is all about the week. I wish all the reader friends a nice time till I come up with my next update.

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Weeks 84 and 85

The past two weeks were long weeks as usual. Good as well as bad happened during the days starting from my friend's kidney stone to meeting two of my school friends. Let me disclose the good ones first. 

We have completed the first technology(Oracle) in the training and from tomorrow we will be learning Unix. All of us in the training completed the second test successfully. The test was not scheduled in the syllabus but still it was conducted to test our knowledge. The funniest thing about the test was we were preparing a lot for the test and at last we were given only ten multiple-choice questions and most of us scored full. 

I met two of my school friends (Nivas and Jayaramachandran) near my office yesterday. I should not say I met them they identified me and stop the car and came to me. Then we headed to Nivas's home spent some time there. Had evening snacks and coffee at his home and after sometime Jai dropped me in a bus stop near by from where I caught the bus to Chrompet. 

On Wednesdays we have something in the training called as 'Future Leadership Club' for one hour in the afternoon. I have been compering or in other words anchoring for the past two weeks and have got some good responses which makes me feel happy because I am new to this kind of activities. Next week I am going to speak about blog for 5 minutes in FLC.

Last Saturday I had to eat lunch at a hotel that is near my office because the cafeteria at the office will be closed on all weekends. After having my lunch I went to the cash counter to pay my bill. I ate a meal and it costed 55 rupees. I gave 500 rupees to the guy at the counter who was busy in a conversation with one of the staffs in the hotel. He asked for 5 rupee coin and I gave him so that he would return me 450. He missed his calculation in the conversation and returned me 500 in hundreds and fifties. I counted it, put it in my pocked and walked out as if nothing had happened.

The bad thing that happened was the kidney stone to my friend(Lingesh) who got admitted in hospital for a week for treatment. He is fine now after a week's treatment. He has been advised by the doctors to stay in a good environment, drink more water daily and quit tea & coffee. So we are looking for a good 1BHK in and around OMR area. 

I hurt my left little toe while walking due to which I am not able to walk properly with shoes on. Its a rule that everyone must wear shoes in Capemini. I have not asked them about using sandals under these circumstances since I thought I can manage. I hope that it would be gone in a couple of days. 

I attended Aravazhi's (my senior at MIT) twin brother's wedding last Sunday at Nungambakkam but could not meet any of my friends there since they did not attend due to their busy schedules. The Sundays are whiling away in the similar fashion every week and as I said in my last post I am desperate for a two-day weekend for which I have to wait for 8 more weeks.

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Week 83

The weeks are so long nowadays because I have to go for training on Saturdays too. The only day we get is Sunday and I use it to wash my clothes and do the pending works if any. I also try to pay a visit to Kumaran Kundram temple that I used to visit during my college days here. The last two weeks have been hectic for sure but it has brought me under a routine after a very long time. I think I am following a routine after my school days. During my college days I used to be late on some days but now there is no chance of going late because we will be marked absent if we don't go there on time. 

I am desperately waiting for long weekends with at least two holidays per week. I have to wait for 10 more weeks for that because only then my training will be complete. During training we will be learning 4 technologies and we have to get a certification for one of the technologies. The information is not yet clear on that so we guys in training are waiting for the info so that we can complete the certification part of training first. Then there is an exam on each technology and a project to be completed along with lab assignments. Though this happens in most of the companies, the new thing here is the termination if we don't clear the test. We will be given only one re-test for one of the tests and not for all. All of us have cleared the first one. Rest of the tests are scheduled at the end of March. Hope everything will go fine for the entire batch.

I am more worried about the upcoming weeks because I wont get time on Sundays too due to some friends' weddings or receptions that fall on Sundays. Patiently counting the days for a long weekend and a visit to my native. That is all about the week. Have a nice time reader friends.

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