Weeks 42, 43 and 44

The last three weeks were the most relaxing weeks for me at least in the last 2 years. The first of the three weeks was the last week of my M.Tech degree. The final viva of the M.Tech was held on May 5th and there on it was a complete and total relief from the student life at MIT, Anna university. That week we dint have too many work to do except that we were asked to submit the project report as per the university norms. The whole class was asked to resubmit the report after rebinding it with the corrections done. It was not needed after the completion of the degree but still we all corrected and resubmitted the report because these people will not sign the no dues if we hadn't submitted. So with that week the academic schedule in MIT was complete. The days after viva I completed some of the formalities like opening an account in the bank to get the refund amount from the university, selling my bicycle and all those things we have to do before vacating a place. That week Thursday I left to Salem and Friday night I left to Bangalore from Salem. I stayed in Arul Anand's room for three good days of my Bangalore visit. I visited Lalbagh and Bannerghatta National Park and had a nice time in Bangalore for the three days there. Monday night Arul, his classmate and I went to watch a movie (Priests) in cinepolis in Bannerghatta road. Then I came back to Salem on Tuesday evening.

The next day my mom and I went to the astrologer whom I like the most and clarified the doubts about my near future. He gave the green signal to open a trust to help the poor children in their education. The next day (Thursday) both of us went to native to take a look at our land that is 25kms away from Salem. Friday morning four of my M.Tech classmates came to my home. After having shower and breakfast we all visited the famous Hogennakal falls near Salem. Its around 100kms from here and it took 2 hours to reach there. We spent around 3 hours there and were back home in the evening for chicken briyani. Then we went to the nearest multiplex here in Salem to watch the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" and returned at 1 AM in the night. We had a sound sleep in the terrace. We all woke up on Saturday morning and got ready to visit Yercaud (a hill station) that is 25kms from Salem city. We reached there around 1 PM and spent time in different locations till evening. We then came down to city and reached home around 6.30 in the evening. We had food after which all of my classmates left to their respective places.

The last three weeks were the most easy days in the past two years. By easy days I meant the days without more mental pressure. Anyhow new problems (in other words challenges) await us every new day in life. Now I am eagerly waiting for the joining date and training location from Capgemini. I am praying to God that I should get Bangalore as my job location because I think I enjoyed enough of Chennai's climate. Thats it for the week. Have a nice weekend friends.

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