Weeks 39 and 40

The last two weeks were as cool as Chennai is now. Yes, its raining in Chennai right now (3.30AM) as I write this post. Chennai is receiving some rainfall since the last three days and one needn't explain how big the relief would be for the Chennai people from the April-May summer heat. 

The first week was full of holidays since the state assembly poll was scheduled in the week. Initially I had showed interest to attend an election duty (as a laptop operator) on the day of election but I pulled out of it since I had to wake up at 4 in the morning and travel 3 hours to reach the polling booth. I dint get good feedback from the friends who attended it and I felt the rest was worth more than the 700 INR that I would have got for doing the one day job. 

The second week was supposed to be full of final project review but still the conference work continues to dominate. Some of my classmates have completed the review and they are expecting the final viva eagerly to finish off the degree. The rest of us will be having the review in the week to come. Most probably we would be completing the degree in the mid of May. I am yet to publish the paper that we are supposed to do before we complete the degree. I am preparing the paper with the help of my classmate (Sudha) and I am half way through it. Probably in one or two days I would be sending it for some conference. 

Other than M.Tech the only thing that I think about too much is starting a non-profitable organisation to help the poor and needy by providing basic needs like education, food and shelter. I have taken the first step by opening a page called YUVA in Facebook. I have got only one like for the page other than mine which made me feel letdown but I have made up my mind not to drop the plan. Some have already shown their interests towards this plan and I think I will be able to start it within this year end. 

Well thats it from the past two weeks and nothing more really interesting if any I will let you know here. 

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