Week 90

The summer is here. Already two of my batch mates in the office got their eyes swollen because of the city's heat. The symptoms of water scarcity is showing up. I think in one more week, that is from April 1st week, we will be standing in queue for water. Otherwise, it was yet another week of training in the office. There are two more tests to be written and two projects to be submitted in two weeks time. After that we will be put in project or made to sit in bench. Before that we have to complete one certification in any of the technology that we have learnt.

Day by day I am getting close to more people in my batch in training. Anyhow I won't be in touch with them after three weeks because we will be in different projects and in different offices. I showed my long face to one of my colleague and apologized on the same day. It came to an end the next day as we started talking normally. That was one incident that showed others that I am a short tempered person.

I played table tennis on two days and have learnt the basics of playing. Only once I played with right hand and then I started playing with left hand. I have taken a decision to play all the games with my left hand hence forth. I used to play carom with left and I have planned to continue this habit in all games too. 

Nowadays I am sleeping on the terrace of my building even though there is heavy mist fall because inside my room I am not able to sleep well. Anyway I am getting a good sleep there compared to inside the room. 

I also travelled two times in the train without ticket during the last two weeks and was lucky not to be caught by the checkers. Hope so I won't do it again or the situation doesn't arise. 

One more day that was special in the week was Friday because of Ugadi. We dint get a holiday since we are in Tamilnadu. Only thing we were able to do was wish each other and continue normal routine. That is all for the week. Rest in next. Have a nice time reader friends. 

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Week 89

Yet another week of training. We were free most of the afternoons through the week. We had one good afternoon session where we were split into four different teams and were asked to do a project. The project is to make a slider that we see in children's park. First the requirements were explained and we were asked to follow the steps that we follow in SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle). I was made the project manager for one team. We were asked to complete the task in 30 minutes. We made the best slider out of the four teams and won the first position. At the end of the day all of us knew that the activity was given to improve team work and also to understand how a project is analysed to meet client's requirements.

On Friday afternoon when we had nothing to do in the training, I called few of my batch mates (Ramkumar, Dev, and Shylesh) in FLP and talked to them as a senior employee of the company and threatened them. It was an awesome day for most of us since all of us enjoyed it. Afterwards I called some of my FLP batch mates' friends and had fun by screwing them up. Can't forget this day because I had never been like this. 

This week too we had the normal Saturday routine that we have in the training. I was not feeling well but still managed to stay energetic. Though I was not well I din't miss the special briyani for lunch in Thalapakattu near my office. Saturday was Jayachandran's(my flp batch mate) birthday too. He took us to an ice-cream stall and a paani-puri stall near by in the evening and treated us. Then I came back to Chrompet and when I was on the way to my room I met a staff of my department when I was crossing my college. Then another staff (Sunil sir) came and took me inside the college where our department function (Samhita) was going on. It was the most awkward moment for me in the recent days since I had never met my HOD after I left the college. I had a small chat with some of the staffs but was comfortable since Vivek was there. Most of this blog's followers would be knowing that he was my M.Tech classmate and presently a staff of IT department at MIT campus, Anna university. 

Then it was the normal Sunday routine of washing clothes and doing the pending works. Had some good sleep in spite of power cuts and cricket match between Pakistan and India (Asia cup 2012).  It was an amazing performance by the young talent, Virat Kohli, in the series that has secured a spot for the team in the finals. 

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Week 88

Mosquitoes + Summer = Sleepless nights. Crowded buses in the mornings and evenings make life even difficult for me. Can you imagine something else that can make life even worse in Chennai? If you are a native of Chennai then your answer to the question would have been water scarcity. Yes, I am expecting it soon. The water in the well goes down day by day and at the end of this month or mid of April we will be facing that too. There is no permanent solution to all these problems. Its the fate of the people who live in Chennai. Only thing that is good about the city is the humidity. The humidity makes us to sweat more and there by helps in removal of salt from body.

In spite of these problems, the training is in full swing. We are learning the last technology (C++) in the training. Once this is complete, we will be left with only a project to complete. We are yet to complete two more tests in the training. This week all of us cleared the UNIX exam successfully with pass marks. Its only one more month of training life and then we will be facing the real world projects if we are lucky or else we will be made to wait in the bench.

I can say only one thing about the routine that I have now. It made me get up by 12pm this Sunday. After my regular Sunday work I again started sleeping at 5pm and woke up only at 9pm. This made me feel how tired I was. After reading the first few lines you won't be searching for reasons to why I slept long on this Sunday. 

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Week 87

The most memorable week of my life because I got my first month salary from Capgemini on Wednesday. The company credits the salary to your account on the last day of the month. Except for this reason the entire week had the normal routine. We were in training but due to absence of trainers and unavailability of software we dint  have much to do except e-learning. We had C language theory on Friday and that is it about the whole week's training. 

Yesterday I went to Express Avenue along with three of my colleagues. Its a big shopping mall in Chennai with almost all the big brands present there. This is my first visit to the mall though I have lived here for the past two and a half years. I bought a pair of shoes and a pant that costed around 2200 bucks together. When I spend on clothes the money goes out of my pocket in thousands now. I think not to spend much on clothes but when I see something that attracts me I go for it. It is a bad habit that I have cultivated recently that has to be corrected immediately otherwise it will lead to my salary bankruptcy before I see 30th day of the month. 

One more incident needs a mention here. We had a bad experience there that night. We were four and went in two vehicles. One was parked in the parking place that the mall has provided. I went in Bala's vehicle. He is a native of Chennai and knows the city well. So he parked it outside the mall by the side of the road on the sidewalk. When we completed shopping and came out the vehicle was not there. Then we searched for it the length of the road and then enquired a shopkeeper there who then confirmed that some vehicles had been towed by the traffic police. We were lucky that the police station was within 100 meters walk. We went there and talked to the officials there about the vehicle. This guy's dad has worked in Raj Bhavan so it was just a cake walk for him to get back the vehicle. But the tension was clearly visible on his face. Then we both came from there and he dropped me in Saidapet railway station. I reached my room around 10 pm after having dinner in a mess near by. 

We both learnt one thing from this incident. Its better to pay the 40 bucks to park the vehicle than to waste time in tension of getting the vehicle back. So my dear reader friends don't park your vehicle in no-parking  area. If you have got relatives or friends from the government especially in law and order department then you can park your vehicle in the centre of the road. 

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