Week 94

Successfully completed the last week of training. First two days of the week we were in Teynampet office and the next two days we were asked to go to Mahindra city office for SE immersion. Again we came back to Teynampet office on Friday for project evaluation. Saturday was working day since last Friday was holiday. Probably from now on we will be having a two day weekend to relax a bit more.

It has been three months in the company now. Next week on wards we would be getting into projects if we do well in the client interviews. But there are not much requirements in the company for projects as of now. If they ask me go to Bangalore I will be the happiest person on earth. But as far as present situations are concerned there are no chances of getting Bangalore now. Five from the batch has been asked to go to Pune for a project. Rest of us are waiting for projects and most of us will be getting in this week.

Other than training life is flat. Nothing great is happening. I got a good news from one of my close ones but I can't update it here for sometime. I am waiting for the day when I will be able to disclose to my world about it. I had bad experiences with some of my batch mates too. I thought that I was doing good to them but it back fired and I learnt the same lesson again in my life. That is not to poke my nose into others' problems unless and until invited. 

The new phone is keeping the tensions off from my life. I am fond of listing to songs and it really helps me in keeping away daily tensions from getting into head deeper.

That is it for the week. As usual I wish all the reader friends a happy time ahead. 

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Week 93

After a very long time I am at home. Its a long weekend since Tamil new year fell on Friday. I left Chennai on Thursday night at 10.30 pm and reached Salem by 5.45 am the next morning. The whole day I stayed at home and had complete rest. On Saturday, I visited my farm and grandpa's home in my native village. Sunday (today) I bought a mobile (Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman) worth Rs.14500. This is the first time I am buying an android cum touch phone. I preferred Sony only for two reasons. The first is an obvious reason and that is the quality of music they provide. The second one is the camera. 

One more specialty of the week is meeting Aashitha once again. She is my sister's daughter and I am seeing her only for the second time. Because all the Saturdays were working days during training period, I was not able to travel home but now I almost spent three full days at home and I had a good time with her. 

I should say about the bus in which I came from Chennai to Salem. As usual it was late but not very late. The bus is a 2+1 semi sleeper non A/C. A bit costly compared to normal buses and trains. The specialty about the bus is I din't get up disturbed from sleep even once during my travel. I felt very comfortable travelling in that bus. Fortunately, I have booked the return ticket too in the same bus. I booked with this travels because there were no other options available to me. Luckily it was good experience for me. 

Otherwise it was the normal routine at the company from the beginning of the week till Thursday. We spent most of the time in the recreation room playing carom and table tennis. 

The most important thing that happened this week was the tremor that shook Chennai this week as a result of a quake in Indonesia that recorded 8.9 in the Richter scale. It was almost close to the the one that initiated the Tsunami in the year 2004. We all at the company felt the tremor shaking the entire building. When this happened we were in the 10th floor of the building having lunch. Initially I was not normal and was bit tensed but slowly I was normal  since my Chennai friends said there was nothing to worry about it. It was one of the worst life threatening experiences that I had in my life so far.

Well, that is it for the week. Wish you all a wonderful time until I come up with my next update.

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Week 92

It was one of the most memorable weeks in the recent past for a few reasons. Firstly, we completed the project work that was assigned to us in the training. We were supposed to start the second project but since the environment is not set we were not able to start it. I think we won't start it in the next week of training too because it takes a lot of time to follow the procedure to set the environment. The next four days are going to be the last days of the training. Following it, the next Monday will be the graduation day after training and after that 99 percent we all will be in SCOPE is what our batch in-charge told us. 

Saturday was one awesome day. I along with 8 of my colleagues from training batch visited the Besantnagar beach and spent the evening there until we left from there at around 9PM. I was initially not willing to go into the water but my colleagues carried me and dropped me into the salt water and there after it took sometime for me to return back from water because I also started playing with them in water. We had ultimate fun. The full moon day made the sea look great and it was really a wonderful sight to watch. Then we chose a fish stall among many that were there. If I am right, I think we ate in Bala's fish stall. We ordered one plate of each fish variety that was available there. After tasting them we ordered for more whichever we liked.  It was the first time I ate crabs. We all ate for around 900 rupees. Then on the way to bus stop each of us had a jigarthanda. I promise, that was the first time I tasted it. It was not bad but not good either. 

Sujith (my colleague) told that he would drop me in Chrompet in his bike. So we waved them bye and started walking towards the place where his bike was parked. To his surprise he found his locked helmet stolen. Then what happened is the most interesting part. We took a helmet from someone's bike and rode away from the place. 

I have booked to and fro tickets to my native. I am planning to spend this Tamil new year with family. Hope I will be screwed this time at home. Have to wait and see what is gonna happen.

That is all to say about the week. Advance wishes for the Tamil new year. I also wish you all reader friends a great week ahead. 

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Week 91

It was yet another week of training at Capgemini but without trainer. Its project work going on and that is the reason why we don't have trainer with us. We are supposed to complete two projects in next two weeks and then wait for the real projects. Actually we are learning more now compared to training that happened with the presence of trainers. Everyone is interested in the projects and they are doing it on their own. Especially the non-CS and non-IT guys are doing well. 

Saturday was the day where most of the interesting things happened. Sujaikumar brought us breakfast as he promised. We all had good time eating and taking photos in the company cafeteria. Other than training we(12 of us from FLP training batch) had went to watch the movie 3 in Devi theatre the evening and all of us felt it was waste of time and money. 

Except for water problem in my room everything around me is fine. We are searching for rooms in different places of Chennai but so far have not found a good one. We have been told to vacate the room within a week's time and have to sort it out soon. Otherwise it was the usual routine that we have in the office that kept me going throughout the week.

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