Week 23

It was a stress free week. I did not go to college much since only thing we have to do is project. I don't feel like going to college because many of my classmates never come to college or just come for an hour and go back. This makes me feel lonely and makes me to stay back. Since placements are going on in the university campus some are preparing for it by staying back at their place. So I too preferred to stay back at my room but I am not seriously preparing for the next company (IBM). I don't have problem in clearing the first few rounds like written and group discussion, the problem is tech where I have to concentrate more. I had a wavering mind but have made up my mind now to get a job in company and work for at least 2 years.

I think times are changing for better. Only one pressure is there as of now and that is to complete my project successfully and come out of college. One more thing after M.Tech is to get a job in Bangalore because the city is more close to my heart than any other place where I have lived.

Well, thats is for the week. Advance new year wishes to all my blog reader friends and your family members.  

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Weeks 20,21,22

Hi friends, its a long time since I blogged last. It was after my exams and before I attended the phase one project viva. A lot of things happened since then. I went to my native for a small break (a week) and then I came back to Chennai. As far as my phase one project viva is concerned I was happy because not too many questions were asked because the external examiner was in a hurry to catch his train back to his place.

When I was in native I visited some of the temples that we usually go to and then it was only watching tv and taking rest. I mean it was like just eating and sleeping.

After I came back to Chennai and till now, the students in the university are more concerned about their placements. 6 students from my class have got placed and still 4 of us are trying to get placed in some company including me and the remaining 4 are not interested in placements. As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts I am more interested in going as lecturer but due to some reasons I am asked to attend placements. If I get placed in some companies before I complete M.Tech, I am planning to work for a minimum period of two years and then fall back to teaching. 

Last week I attended Firstapex and Wipro but could not clear the interviews. I am waiting for my turn. If I am lucky I will give you a good news within this month or early next month. 

I am really lucky to have a good bunch of friends in M.Tech who came to main campus to give me confidence when I had Wipro interviews. Lingesh and Vivek came there in the morning and stayed there till 10 in the night. But unfortunately I din't get placed in Wipro. I am waiting for companies like IBM and MindTree. 

Well thats it for now. Actually I thought of writing a lot here but due to time constraint I stop here until I come up with my next update. Wish you all a nice time.

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