Vinoth and Sharmila Birthday Celebration and Photos

8th of February was a memorable day because two of my classmates(Vinoth and Sharmila) celebrated their birthdays. We all were present except one(Priya). As planned we celebrated their birthdays by cutting a cake during lunch hour. We went to a class in the lecture hall complex and spent sometime there cutting the cake and clicking some photos. After that we all had our regular work to do till 4.30 pm. In the evening boys alone in the class went out to have dinner in a hotel (Al Karishma) near Kumaran Kundram temple in Chrompet. It was a treat by Vinoth. We all had biryani in the hotel and then we identified an ice cream stall near by where we had ice creams. 

One more day that will stay in the memory for long. To view the photos CLICK HERE.

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  1. Expecting many such memorable days in the short time left!


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