Week 30

It was a week with lots of quarrels and patch ups. Got angry on some of my classmates for not co-operating for the trip that I was planning. It was a normal week otherwise but after a long time I was called into HOD's room and was scolded. This time I was scolded for something for which I was not responsible but still I had the company of 3 other classmates. The second review has started and its going on. The pressure is already on me since I dint do well in the project in the past. One more student from my class got placed and its now 8 out of 14 who have got placed in companies. 5 are not interested in going to software companies and as of now only one is trying for IT companies in the class. Feeling that the pressure is easing off from me since the course is nearing its completion. I have just started to prepare the paper that I have to publish to get the degree. Actually I am planning to publish two papers before I complete the degree. Let's see whats going to happen. Well, thats it for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend.

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