Week 19

Hi reader friends. I would have missed this update since I was concentrating on my project documentation for Monday (29.11.2010). I have got my phase-I viva and demo for project on Monday and I am preparing for it now. I had two theory papers in this week. Friday I wrote my last theory paper in M.Tech and the only remaining portion is project. The next five months in MIT is going to be only project for me. I don't know whether or not my guide would allow me to go for this semester holidays. Since I din't take it that seriously I din't do much in the project. But the people here will make me to take it seriously in the next semester.

I am praying to GOD that nothing messy should happen on Monday. After Monday life would be peaceful for some days to come and as usual tensions of project would start following like the Hutch dog. 

I am planning to go home for a couple of days and also to Bangalore. My life is in the hands of IT department for the next 5 months. Well thats all for the week. Wish all of you a happy weekend until I come up with my next update.

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Week 18

With the start of this week started the semester exams. Have completed one theory paper and two more are scheduled for the next week. The phase-1 project viva has been postponed to 29th of November. 

My head is filled only with internal marks and the marks that I have to score in the external to clear the theory papers. I can imagine the mental relief that I would have when the results are out with all the three theory papers cleared. 

This system of setting question papers and evaluation of answer scripts is entirely different from other colleges. This is what is not making us (M.Tech-IT) to take the theory papers very seriously. But the pressure is always on and we feel it all the day no matter what exam we have. All the days are same here. 

The only good thing that happens here is rain. Everyday the city is receiving good rain that  keeps the heat away. That's all for the week. I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend until I come up with next update. 

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Weeks 16 & 17

Nice to be back writing even though I missed out a weekly update. I couldn't write it last week because of Diwali holidays. There is a lot to say and write here but still I don't have enough time even now.

The problem of guide and project is almost solved and came to an end. All the working days I was afraid that I would be called for review and be scolded by the HOD. Finally it happened on this Wednesday and everything is smooth now. 

I had a break of almost 5 days for Diwalil (one day was declared holiday due to rain in the city). I watched only movies those 5 days (around 10). Notable one among them was  Inception which is a nice movie and I feel that all should watch it at least once. 

I am waiting for this semester to end with a positive note. I should clear three theory papers and attend one project viva before that. A person from NIT Trichy is coming as external for our project viva. I think there will be a lot of expectations on us. Again its gonna be a problem with little stuff in the project. Hope so I will take project a little seriously from the next semester because I will have only that to complete for the degree. As always waiting for the above count down clock to tick down to zero seconds left. 

I wish all the reader friends a very happy weekend till I come with my next update.

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