Week 97

The days had been very tough for me. I started hating the city a lot.  I don't know why I hate it this much but I really do hate it a lot. I don't like the city's climate at any given day of a year. It either shines or rains to the extremity. I had lived in Bangalore for 4 years but I did not realize how good the climate was. The climate in Chennai makes me realize how good the climate of Bangalore was. 

I am also not feeling well since last Friday. I have got cold and headache that has turned into sinus. I visited a doctor only this Saturday and now I am feeling better. Its getting cured at a good rate. Previously I have been trying my own medicines from medicals but it did not work out. Anyway, now I am feeling better. Hope, I will get well soon and be normal. I did not eat normal food because I never felt like eating solid food most of the times. I rather took liquid food like juices and coffees. The juices contributed to the disease even more.  This is also one of the major reason why I hate this city. No good food where ever you go. If you get good food it will be of very high cost. I had a more comfortable life in Bangalore compared to Chennai. Its not that I am cursing Chennai but where ever I see only the bad things appear to me often than the good ones. I am longing to settle down in Bangalore and I don't know when that day would come. I wish it comes soon. 

Still not into project. Waiting in the bench for projects. Some have got projects and moved to different cities. Hope so the rest of us also will be getting soon.

I am still staying in Lingesh's room in Velacheri. Sometimes it takes 2 and half hours to reach my office. It takes 2 hours to reach room in the evenings at the minimum. I lose almost 5 hours of a day in traveling alone. This also makes me get more frustrated. I have to look for a room for which I have to get into  a project and know where the final location is. Lot of things are inter-linked and have put me in a dead-locked situation. I am desperately waiting to come out of this situation and free myself. Those who read this post please pray to God that I should get into a project soon to come out of this dead-lock.

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Weeks 95 and 96

The weeks had been so frustrating for me since its ultimate summer in Chennai. Adding fuel to the flames, I had to search for accommodation because we were asked to vacate the room. It was very tight for me throughout since I was in Bangalore during last weekend and I had to look for rooms in parallel. I had finalized a hostel in Tambaram but just before leaving Lingesh called me to his room saying that his room is free for 15 days and I am staying there now. So, I have just extended my time for searching a better option. The hostels in Chennai are not good and the rooms are too costly for one person. I am in a big dilemma not knowing what to do. Hope so I would get one soon. Nowadays I am travelling from Velacheri to Paranur that are almost 50 kilometers apart. The travelling alone takes 4 hours of a day. 

Since two weeks I am in bench and there is absolutely no work to do. The last two weeks had been just checking mails and waiting for project calls. Some have got projects and many are still in the queue. Hope so the company will put us in some project very soon. I tried asking for a relocation to Bangalore but the person who is the in-charge refused saying there is no vacancy. I just couldn't control asking for Bangalore since my visit there made me to ask for it. The climate in Bangalore is ultimate. I like Bangalore a lot among the places where I have lived. It has got such a beautiful climate throughout the year. Planning to get experience and shift to Bangalore after a few years. 

This week I am at home. I went to my native and had a look at the farm. As far as I am concerned a lot of work and money has changed the farm for good. But the thing is still lots and lots of stones are left untouched. I think in one more month the work will come to a halt. My dad is spending heavily on it to make it good for cultivation without listening to our advice. I don't know what all he has planned and how much he is gonna spend. Hope so everything will result in profit and nothing goes as waste. 

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