Week 33

The week started with the match between India and England on Sunday. Can't forget the match because it was a high scoring match and it resulted in a thrilling tie. Then again in the same ground, Bangalore, England lost against Ireland in a high scoring match which was also an interesting one to watch. Its all cricket these days because the world cup is in progress. 

There was class committee meeting at the beginning of the week and the second review of the project was supposed to be conducted this week but as usual because of the unavailability of panel members there was no review. The whole week was boring at college and there was nothing interesting. The only kind of entertainment these days is cricket and I am looking forward to the match between India and Ireland scheduled tomorrow in the same ground.

I have started writing my commercial blog again because I am getting good traffic to my blog these days and also I got few offers from which I made around $25 in last 10 days.

Well thats it for the week. Wish you all reader friends a stress free weekend. 

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