Week 34

The week started with the India vs Ireland match on Sunday. I dint do anything except watching the match on that day. Then it was normal college routine throughout the week. Without any prior intimation we were reviewed on Monday. As usual there were many suggestions to improve the project and the panel members were not fully satisfied. We have one more review to go and a demo and then we would be having the final viva. I dint go for the lab assistance that I was supposed to assist on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. I dint go because I was not feeling well because of cold and its still getting hold of me. Wednesday I came back to room in the afternoon to watch the match against Netherlands. So I dint spend the whole day at college this week. Even today I was not in college and I came back to my room to watch the match that India lost to the South Africans. Still it was a good effort by the team and I am sure they would get a quarterfinal berth.

I am concentrating more on writing my commercial blog these days after I started getting some offers and started advertising on my blog. The whole week was full of cricket, blogging and cold for me. In between I went to the main campus(College of Engineering campus, Anna University) to submit the 'letter of intent' from Capgemini. Hopefully another two to three months to go to complete the degree. Desperately waiting for that day to come.  Happy weekend reader friends.

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