Week 47

I spent most of the week in Salem at my home. I went to Mysore to attend a wedding and spent the first two days of the week for that. So the first two days were gone in travelling. Whenever I travel to Karnataka I feel that I should get back to the place as quick as possible because I love the climate there. Since I did my B.E in Bangalore I got used to the pleasant climate there and learnt the language (Kannada) too. I missed the climate and the city for the last two years since I had to do  M.Tech in Chennai. Now I am done with my PG degree and I am praying to God that I should get posting in Bangalore. I have decided to settle down in Bangalore and I am waiting for it. 

Well as usual I am spending time by eating, sleeping, watching tv and browsing net. I am yet to receive the DOJ and location. The curiosity in knowing the city is raising day by day as it gets closer. I would love to get posted in Bangalore. Lets see what the future has in stock for me. Well thats it to say for the week. I wish all the reader friends a nice time. 

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