Week 61

I am feeling happy because I am back to regular personal blogging. It was yet another week at home. As usual I went to my native on few days to take a look at the newly planted seedlings and to check the amount of rainfall. Around 850 seedlings are yet to be planted and we are waiting for the right time. Because of continuous rain we are unable to schedule the planting. Rain plays spoil sport either way. So job is not yet complete. Planning to plant one more acre with casuarina seedlings. Have a plenty of job left in native before I look for a job if Capgemini delays in issuing the offer letter. 

As I said in my previous post I was not updating here regularly because my dad was admitted in hospital due to chest pain. Since we thought that this should not reach my sister who is in USA, I stopped updating the blog till my dad was out of hospital. Now he is alright with daily medicines but he has to undergo an angiogram to clear off the blocks in the path of blood flow to get back to normalcy. Looking for a good hospital in Coimbatore for treatment.

I watched the Tamil movie Kanchana in ARRS multiplex this week. I dint have anything to do on that day so went out to watch the movie. As expected it was a typical ghost thriller.

Well that is all for the week. Have a nice weekend reader friends.

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