The Past Ten Weeks (Weeks 62 through 71)

Cant forget the days I drove my two-wheeler in rain the whole day just to take care of the plants. Almost three times I got drenched in rain the moment i got out of house in the vehicle but I had to travel and come back.  It was a completely different experience.

In the past ten weeks I toiled a lot in my land watering the plants but later due to monsoon showers I started relaxing a bit. There were days I was not able to give even half an hour for internet. I saw the change that I was undergoing and felt it would be nice to get a temporary job till I get the call from Capgemini. My skin tone changed a lot since I had to work in the hot sun. I started feeling the difficulty in farming. Then I decided to get my mark sheet and provisional certificate from my college to search for a job in Bangalore. As I planned I went to Chennai last week and brought the certificates but I am yet to receive the transfer certificate which is needed only for higher education. 

During my visit I met Vivek, Lingesh and my previous roommates then Premnath. Vivek gave me a treat in Anjappar. Had dinner in Premnath home and spent some time there one day. Went to kumaran kundram temple once during the stay. 

I hardly found any time for entertainment because I was working even on Sundays. Later, in the past one month I got enough time to watch three Tamil movies (Vedi, 7am arivu, Velayudham). None of the movies I watched recently were impressive. Apart from entertainment I had time for cooking too. Readers of this blog will be knowing that I know to prepare chicken gravy. Yes, I prepared chicken gravy three times recently and all the three times it was eatable. Especially I liked the second time I made it and other two times were not bad either. Once I tried egg gravy too but it was not up to the mark because of excess onion. 

I always love to live in a place where there are more children. Why I say this is I live in a colony where there are around 10 children and its really nice to spend sometime with them everyday. We forget all our worries and feel happy in their presence. Spent Deepawali in colony after a long time and it was again a good feeling to be around children. 

I have started playing a lot of chess online these days. I cultivated this habit of playing from my neighbor who is a chess coach. Chess and hide & seek are the games that is most popular among the kids in the colony right now.

Bought a pair of casuals (shirt from Basics and pant from Peter England) for Deepawali and got scoldings from my mom for spending big amount on dress. Then again my parents asked me to take a new pair of dress for pariharam. This time I spent even more on dress and I need not say what would have happened. Spent around 6200 on two pairs of dress this month which I am not used to. 

Today I went to Kodumudi to do pariharam for Raaghu and Kethu. I just did what I was asked to do in the temple and came home. We spent the whole day for this because of improper planning. 

I love to put whatever I do on this blog regularly but I am not able to find time or I feel tired of writing. Henceforth I will post regularly.

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