Week 36

As I said in the last week's post the week started off with a cricket match between India and West Indies. Nowadays I am watching more cricket compared to UG college days. I left watching after Dravid was removed from the team but have started watching again because I like to see Kohli's batting. The recent match against Aussies in the quarter finals was a thrilling and an exciting one to watch. The next match has already created a lot of expectations since the match is against Pakistanis. I hope India will win the match in the semi finals with ease. 

Apart from cricket I had the normal college routine through out this week. We are being given more conference related work these days and I am lucky in not getting much work. Its Ligesh who works till 12 in the night on some days for conference. 

I have cultivated the habit of going to Kumaran Kundram temple in Chrompet daily these days. On Saturday when I went there I lost my sandals. I don't know why people come to temples with the intention of stealing. Its really irritating when people steal in temples. 

On Friday we celebrated Mohana's (my M.Tech classmate) birthday. In the evening she took us to a hotel (Gupta Bhavan) near by and gave us a treat. More about it with photos in a separate post. 

As I write in every post I am still looking at the countdown timer waiting for the day to come when we will be out of MIT. Well, thats it for the week. Happy weekend reader friends. Have a nice time.

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Week 35

It was a different week from the last few. I visited some places this week including my native. I dint go to college on Monday because I was not well. At the end of the day I got the news that HOD has gone to Hong Kong for a week. I thought of making use of this chance to go to my native since my mother was asking me to make a visit. I booked the ticket on Tuesday and reached home on Wednesday night. On Thursday we visited a temple and a neighbor's home in the evening. Then we visited an astrologer just to thank him for his words. I don't believe in most of the astrologers because most of them are not so accurate, but this man is somewhat different and he is correct most of the times at least in my life. 

On Friday I attended Arul's (my school friend and MIT college mate) elder brother's wedding reception. The place is 2hrs from Salem. There I met two of my school  friends and had a nice time chatting with them. I reached home that day at 10.15pm. Again on Saturday we visited two temples. I drove around 100kms on that day and had severe head ache since it was very sunny on the day. We reached home in the afternoon and I had a nice rest for two hours. It was time for me to pack up and leave. I booked the ticket and left Salem on Saturday 10pm and reached Chennai at 4 am today. 

I am waiting to watch the match between the Indians and the Windies. Anyhow both the teams would be playing the quarter finals but whom they are going to play is a question mark, so I am eagerly waiting for the match to begin. 

From tomorrow its going to be college again. I have reviewed two of the five papers that my guide asked me to review. Its boring to read IEEE papers these days and that too to review someone's work is really boring. Anyway I have to do it. We are being delayed the final viva because they want to extract these kind of conference related work from us (M.Tech). I think we would be completing the course only at the end of May. Its 30 days more to the countdown now. 

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Week 34

The week started with the India vs Ireland match on Sunday. I dint do anything except watching the match on that day. Then it was normal college routine throughout the week. Without any prior intimation we were reviewed on Monday. As usual there were many suggestions to improve the project and the panel members were not fully satisfied. We have one more review to go and a demo and then we would be having the final viva. I dint go for the lab assistance that I was supposed to assist on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. I dint go because I was not feeling well because of cold and its still getting hold of me. Wednesday I came back to room in the afternoon to watch the match against Netherlands. So I dint spend the whole day at college this week. Even today I was not in college and I came back to my room to watch the match that India lost to the South Africans. Still it was a good effort by the team and I am sure they would get a quarterfinal berth.

I am concentrating more on writing my commercial blog these days after I started getting some offers and started advertising on my blog. The whole week was full of cricket, blogging and cold for me. In between I went to the main campus(College of Engineering campus, Anna University) to submit the 'letter of intent' from Capgemini. Hopefully another two to three months to go to complete the degree. Desperately waiting for that day to come.  Happy weekend reader friends.

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Week 33

The week started with the match between India and England on Sunday. Can't forget the match because it was a high scoring match and it resulted in a thrilling tie. Then again in the same ground, Bangalore, England lost against Ireland in a high scoring match which was also an interesting one to watch. Its all cricket these days because the world cup is in progress. 

There was class committee meeting at the beginning of the week and the second review of the project was supposed to be conducted this week but as usual because of the unavailability of panel members there was no review. The whole week was boring at college and there was nothing interesting. The only kind of entertainment these days is cricket and I am looking forward to the match between India and Ireland scheduled tomorrow in the same ground.

I have started writing my commercial blog again because I am getting good traffic to my blog these days and also I got few offers from which I made around $25 in last 10 days.

Well thats it for the week. Wish you all reader friends a stress free weekend. 

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Sowmya Birthday (28-02-2011)

28th of February was one of the memorable occasions for all of us(my classmates) because it was Sowmya's birthday and as usual we celebrated it by cutting a cake during the lunch hour in one of the classrooms in the lecture hall complex. This time the whole class was not present since it was Monday. Because few went to their home for the weekend and failed to make it to the college for the day. Though only around 10 of us were there we still tried to make it as memorable as possible. When I plan for the celebrations I always feel that we should have started celebrating occasions like this from the beginning of the course but generally we take sometime to get along with people and it took us one year. 

After cutting the cake in the college we went to an ice cream parlor(Natural Fresh) nearby in Chrompet and had ice creams there. We took some photos in college while cutting cake as well as in Natural Fresh. To view the photos click here.

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