Week 35

It was a different week from the last few. I visited some places this week including my native. I dint go to college on Monday because I was not well. At the end of the day I got the news that HOD has gone to Hong Kong for a week. I thought of making use of this chance to go to my native since my mother was asking me to make a visit. I booked the ticket on Tuesday and reached home on Wednesday night. On Thursday we visited a temple and a neighbor's home in the evening. Then we visited an astrologer just to thank him for his words. I don't believe in most of the astrologers because most of them are not so accurate, but this man is somewhat different and he is correct most of the times at least in my life. 

On Friday I attended Arul's (my school friend and MIT college mate) elder brother's wedding reception. The place is 2hrs from Salem. There I met two of my school  friends and had a nice time chatting with them. I reached home that day at 10.15pm. Again on Saturday we visited two temples. I drove around 100kms on that day and had severe head ache since it was very sunny on the day. We reached home in the afternoon and I had a nice rest for two hours. It was time for me to pack up and leave. I booked the ticket and left Salem on Saturday 10pm and reached Chennai at 4 am today. 

I am waiting to watch the match between the Indians and the Windies. Anyhow both the teams would be playing the quarter finals but whom they are going to play is a question mark, so I am eagerly waiting for the match to begin. 

From tomorrow its going to be college again. I have reviewed two of the five papers that my guide asked me to review. Its boring to read IEEE papers these days and that too to review someone's work is really boring. Anyway I have to do it. We are being delayed the final viva because they want to extract these kind of conference related work from us (M.Tech). I think we would be completing the course only at the end of May. Its 30 days more to the countdown now. 

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