Week 41

A week with full of mixed feelings. As usual the week started with review tensions. As anticipated the final internal review started on Monday which went on till 3 in the afternoon. Since the reviewers were tired they stopped on Monday and retained three of us for Tuesday. As usual I was the last to be reviewed. I was asked so many questions regarding my project. They were not satisfied with the student-guide relationship again and thought of leaving the problem since its closing time now. From Wednesday onwards the week seemed normal to me except for Friday. I was given the task of picking up and dropping the external examiner from IIT here Chennai for the B.Tech (IT) students. Due to this commitment I couldn't visit the temple on time that I am visiting regularly. When I went there the temple was closed and I missed it on Friday. I have visited the temple nearly for 40 days now except for two days. Feeling happy that I have done something regularly for more than a month. 

This week some of my classmates and I went to the Natural Fresh ice cream stall in Chrompet and had a nice time there one evening. Then on Thursday one of my classmate (Priya) brought chicken briyani for the whole class. We had a nice, heavy and sumptuous lunch on that day. Then on the same day I received a certificate of appreciation from the university for being the placement representative of the class. I believe few days in this week will stay in the memory for some years. Well, thats it for the week. Have a nice weekend reader friends.

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