Weeks 50 Through 56

It has been six weeks since I updated this blog. Nowadays I never see my blogs even once a week but I will never stop writing this blog. In fact I withdrew the money to my bank account from Paypal that I earned from blogging and I am planning to sell my commercial blog too. 

Let me come to the point straight away. I din't write here due to a reason and the reason is genuine. I din't want one of my followers to know what is happening around me, so I left this blog unattended for the past 6 weeks. A lot happened in the past one and a half months. As I said I can't open up everything right now. I need some more time to disclose it here. 

I watched a movie (180), had been to my uncle's home many a times, visited Bangalore once, met lot of relatives, had been to my sister's home and a lot happened in the gap. We are planning to plant trees (silviculture) in our land before I join the company but the things are getting delayed as usual. But I will surely do it before I go to job. We are planning to plant Melia Dubia. I visited some farms in and around Salem and googled as well to get an idea about the tree's characteristics.  Now I am fully involved into this and not concentrating on anything else right now.

One more thing I would like to share here, I completed personal blogging of one year with this post. Actually it came in the 52nd week but I am writing only now after my 49th week. This is the longest gap that I have taken so far and its with intention. I hope and wish to write here regularly henceforth. Planning to limit myself only to personal blogging. Well that's it for the week. Rest in next.

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