Week 5

It was a wonderful week for me because there were two b'day celebrations as I have written in my previous posts. Friday night we attended one of my classmates' sister's wedding. So, this week had something interesting throughout. There were no classes this week because we were busy with the placement activities. M.tech students were eligible only for two companies during this week and there were no bulk recruitment happening. Each company selected less than 10 out of around 2000 students who attended. So far 6 companies have come for recruitment and have taken only around 20 students from all 4 campuses of Anna university. Apart from placement related activities there were nothing happening throughout this week. We didn't even play throughout the week because I din't feel well on Monday and Tuesday and on rest of the days I had some work or the other that kept me away from the badminton court.

I forgot to mention one good thing that is happening here. Chennai's climate is changing and it has started to rain regularly here. And one more thing that I did for the first time in Chennai is I went to the Kumaran Kundram temple on Sunday that is near my room. It was a good place and I felt some sort of peacefulness when I was there. I have planned to visit the temple on all Sundays. Well thats it about this week and I wish all the reader friends a happy weekend and happy Onam. 

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