A Visit to Trichy

I recently visited Trichy to attend a workshop on network simulators. To be honest I din't know that there is going to be a workshop on this area. Since my guide asked me to attend it without fail I applied for it. My journey to Trichy from Chennai started at 10 pm from Coyambedu market. I had reserved a seat in a private travels and there was no problem of boarding the bus on time. I reached Trichy bus-stand by 5.30 on Saturday morning. After a search of 30 minutes for a lodge finally I found one near the railway station. I freshed up and left to Anna University Trichy at 7.15 am and when I reached there I found none in the campus except few securities. At 8 I had my  breakfast in the college canteen. After a wait of one hour, at 9, people started flowing into the campus. At 10 registration got over and everyone was ready for first session. Most of the people were teaching staff who were doing research in different areas that required the use of network simulators. Only around 10 post graduate students were there out of 60 who came to attend the workshop. First two sessions were power point presentations on simulator tools. After each session we had a break. At 1 we had lunch and gathered for demo session on QualNet and Exata. The final session of the day was hands-on session on both the tools where most of us couldn't get practice because of limited number of systems. 

The routine followed on the second day too but the simulator was different. It was the workshop sponsor's (RSOFT) day but they failed to impress us. It was first day's Kiran's afternoon session that impressed most of us a lot. At 4 o' clock on the second day the workshop came to an end with certificate distribution by the Registrar of Anna University Trichy. After getting the certificate I returned to Trichy and went for a movie (Singam) which was running in a theater near the bus-stand. I had to go for the movie because my bus was scheduled at 11.55 pm. After the movie I had dinner in a hotel near by. When the time was 10.30 I had nothing to do till 12 except to roam near the bus-stand and that was the time I saw many people taking shelter under trees by the side of the roads. Some felt it comfortable on the grassed medians between the roads. The government spends a lot of money on organizing functions to celebrate the classical status of the native language but forgets to provide basic amenities to the poor and needy. The incident that touched my heart to a greater extent was that of the little children begging for money near the bus-stand who at their age should be found only in schools. I don't know when the governments will wake up to these problems and provide education, food, shelter and  the basic amenities to these kind of children and poor people throughout the state. 

Finally I reached the boarding point of Parveen travels and waited for the bus. The bus din't come on scheduled time and that agitated me a lot. This made me scold the travels' people before boarding the bus at 12.30 am. On the way to Chennai, the bus collided with a three wheeler (goods auto) which woke up the passengers who were asleep. To my surprise there were no damage to humans and there were no quarrels between the drivers. The auto was upside down and the driver struggled to come out of it and succeeded without anyone's help. After coming out of auto he said " Please put my auto on wheels so that I can go". Then people there helped him get away from there with his damaged auto. Most of the people din't sleep properly after this accident till they got down from the bus.The bus reached Chromepet at 5.30 am on Monday where I got down. This journey for sure will stay in my memory for a long time because of the good and bad that happened in those two days.

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