My Recent Visit to Mahabalipuram

Last wednesday (13th July) I and my class boys set out to Mahabalipuram that afternoon. Since we (boys) are only 6 in our class there was not much problem in coordinating this trip. We had decided a day before itself but even then one guy (Sri Ganesh) refused to accompany us due to some reason that we still don't know. I think the probable reason could be nativity. Since he is from Andhra Pradesh and we are the natives, he doesn't mingle with us a lot, but still we make him feel comfortable at home to our best. We started from our college at 12.30 pm and since we were 5, we decided to go by bus. At approximately 3 o' clock we reached the Mahabalipuram bus-stand. Since none of us had lunch, we stopped at hotel Sagar to have a small meal.

After that, we headed to the beach after buying some snacks and a coke bottle(2 ltrs). All of us had a nice time in the beach swimming and playing. While 4 of us were playing in water, one guy (Vivek) refused to enter water. Because of his weight we couldn't pull him into water initially, but after some time we pulled him in to water. Till 6 o' clock we din't come out of water and it was good to stay in it because of Chennai's hot climate. Then we got dressed and started towards the temple, but to our surprise it was closed which we never expected. We just saw the temple from outside and came to bus-stand to catch bus to Tambaram. At 7 o' clock we got the bus to Tambaram and  reached there by 9. On the whole it was a nice trip to remember except for the salty sea water.

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