Week 12

Normal week. Thats how I can describe this week. Nothing interesting except that we have Lingesh's birthday today. We are planning to celebrate it after 1 pm. Still guys are not in the campus so its getting delayed. We just had one internal in this week and only normal classes and seminar. Still I have to write one more internals (Grid Computing) in the second assessment cycle. 

Watched the movie Endhiran aka Robot. Its not up to the mark. I think this is not what most of the audience expected from director Shanker. Many of my friends too feel the same. The movie doesn't have a good story. Previous movies of the director are better compared to this one. Well, this is only my opinion about the movie and people have different opinions. 

Yesterday (Friday) two of our seniors (Rajkumar and Subbu) came to college to receive provisional degree certificates from college. After they completed all their work we went to a hotel (Anjappar) near by and had lunch. Ofcourse, it was a treat from them for us.

Thats it for the week. Wish you a happy weekend.

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