Week 11

Hi friends. It was yet another week but I went to college only on two days. I was suffering from fever and couldn't attend college regularly and missed out one subject's internal test. Anyhow I am writing it on Tuesday. There are no classes going on and it was only internals and project through out the week. Exams are fast approaching and there is not much time left for our first phase project viva. Have to get more serious and see to that things go straight and proper till the end of this semester. 

Apart from the normal college activities we had Vivek's birthday on 28th of September. We were unable to celebrate it on the same day because we were in different places. Some of us were attending campus recruitment and I was down with fever. So we took time and celebrated it on September 30 in my room. 

Another incident happened this week. I and Lingesh were caught by two police men for roaming in the streets at 2 am one day. We had dinner in Mr.Premnath's home and were chatting till 2 am. Then we thought of leaving to our respective rooms. Just few minutes after leaving his home we fell in the sight of two police men and were questioned for around 15 minutes until we called Mr.Premnath. Then he came to the spot with his id card and rescued us. After two days we met the same police men near a shop during day time. I called one of them and showed my id card to prove that I am a student of Anna university. He then told me that its a regular check that they do and explained why they did that check up that day night. Now we are friends.

This is what happened throughout the week. Wish you all a happy weekend until I come up with my next update. 

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