Week 1

First of all I would like to apologize to all my blog readers for not writing daily. Since my routine doesn't give me extra time on week days I decided to write it once a week on every Saturday. Actually I am very much interested in sharing my experiences with most of my friends because of which I started writing this personal blog. I wanted to share my experiences of getting admission in to MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai. Hope so I would find time very soon to write about it and I am sure most of you would love it after reading it.

To tell about this week's experience it was a bit tough mentally because I had my 0th review of project and some how managed it even though still I am in literature survey. As I have written in one of my previous posts I started playing again and this time I have chosen shuttle. It was a nice feeling to be there sweating in the playgrounds instead of sitting in front of the monitor all day long. 

I couldn't attend 3 classes this week because I went to bed very late, at around 2 pm, on some of the days. This was the reason why I was absent for some of the classes before 10 am. I have decided not to cut any more classes from next week. I have made another decision too and that is to meet my project guide at least thrice a week. 

Yesterday two of my seniors (Prabhavathi & Sumitha) came to college and we, my classmates, had a nice time with them with a small photo session. These two photos in this post were taken yesterday.  Other than this there were nothing interesting that happened this week. I wish all my reader friends a happy and prosperous week ahead.

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  1. enda naaye illana maatum ella class um attend pannura maadiriye scene podura?

    nalla vishayam maandi paiyana paakakudathu nuradhu!


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