Arul B'day Celebration

Arul Anand is my friend and roommate. I know him from my school days. We studied from 6th to 12th together and now we are doing our post graduation together but this time we are in different branches.  His b'day is on 14th August (Saturday). We should have cut a cake on Friday night but since we were scattered we couldn't get together to celebrate it that night. We thought of celebrating it on Saturday in the college and made all the arrangements to cut a cake. Unfortunately he had to go to his home due to some reason and our plan was a big flop. So we were unable to cut it on his b'day. We waited for two more days till 16th night, the day he came back from his native, to celebrate it. Thanks to Mohan from Avionics and Lingesh from IT who accompanied us in the celebration to make it a memorable one. I have included two of the photos that were taken on that day in this post.  The guy on the left is Lingesh and the other is Arul. Photos that contain Mohan is not put here considering his costume. 

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