My Chicken Gravy Recipe

As I wrote in my last post, Mr.Premnath  and I prepared chicken gravy last Sunday. I have shared my experience of making chicken gravy in this post. We din't have the idea of cooking non-veg until he called me around 11am and told me about the idea. First I refused to cook because I had no experience. Expect coffee, tea, dosa and recently chutni I don't know to prepare any dish. With a little hesitation I accepted to cook with him. We bought chicken and all the necessary ingredients and went to his home. Below is the recipe that we followed.

1. 100 gms of onion
2. Garlic, ginger and coconut paste
3. Sakthi chicken masala (50 gms)
4. Chicken (half a kg)
5. Potatoes and tomatoes (half a kg together)
6. Add chillies and salt to your taste

1. Heat some oil and fry chopped onion until it turns to golden brown color.
2. Now add chicken and then the paste with some water and stir it nicely.
3. Then add the cut vegetables and sakthi chicken masala and stir it for 30 minutes.
4. Add salt to taste while stirring so that it doesn't stick to only few pieces of chicken.
5. Before turning the stove off add some coriander and curry leaves for smell and taste and serve hot.

This is the recipe that we followed. I don't advise all of you to follow this for good taste but those who don't know to cook non-veg can try out this one because we had a fantastic lunch that day. Now I added one more dish to my cooking menu. 

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