Week 14

Hi reader friends, wish you a happy and joyful weekend. 

All the working days of the week passed away without much pressure. I think this is the only week I worked a lot towards my project in this semester but still I am not ready for the review that is scheduled on Monday (25.10.2010). As I have written in the last week's post the next one month is gonna be very hectic and full of pressure. Probably two project reviews and one internals cycle will be there. I am planning not to go to my native for this Diwali because I have got my semester exams one week after the festival of lights.

My routine goes unchanged even under these pressure situations. All my classmates feel only one thing. They want to complete the degree, get out of this institution and have a tension free life. We feel the pressure because they expect a lot from us. The UG students are more talented than us because they started their college education here . Since we did our UG in different institutions we are unable to match the standards of the UG students. Few of my classmates have decided to become lecturers and do PhD and some are trying to get placed in software companies. I am still in a dilemma. I don't want to be under pressure and don't want to be used by software companies like machines but will work for 1 or 2 yrs in companies if I get an opportunity. I have PhD in my mind. Hopefully in the next semester everyone's life will be decided (atleast professionally). Even I am waiting for those peaceful days. 

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