My Birthday: 17 August 2010

It was Tuesday and I had almost recovered (90%) from food poisoning that I had since Sunday night. Campus recruitment had started in Anna university a few days back and I was eligible for the company (Global Scholar) that was visiting on my birthday and it was the first company that I attended here. Since I hadn't prepared I din't do well in the written technical. The company shortlisted only 29 out of around 1500 students for the second round and finally selected 6. 

After attending the campus recruitment I came to MIT campus. In the evening we had a small birthday celebration. We stayed in the college lab till 10 and I left to my room. We clicked some photos that would stay in our memories in the future to come. To view the photos click here

This is what I did on my birthday and it was yet another day in my life. I have not taken any serious resolutions this birthday, but still I have decided to follow Vivek's advice. He has advised me not to skip breakfast, since it would result in some problems at the later stages of life. I have made up my mind to have something in the morning for breakfast.

As expected wishes came through Facebook, Orkut scraps, calls and messages. As usual mom asked me to go to temple in the morning which I din't do because I had to hurry to the main campus for attending placements. Some of my friends forgot my birthday or thought that my birthday is on 18th August and wished me a day later. Once again I thank all the good hearts that wished me for my birthday.  

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