Week 3

One good thing that I did throughout the week was I attended all the classes except two for which I was absent because of fever. I was not feeling well on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was under medication. Still I have some cold left in me and because of this problem I am unable to have the food that I used to take regularly. This illness made me a little weak and slow in doing many things. I din't feel like getting up in the mornings on some days of the week. Some of my friends even scared me by suggesting that it could be malaria and advised me to have a check up. I din't take it seriously since it was not that severe. As usual I din't inform my parents about this because I was afraid of their advices and the phone calls that they would make if I tell them. 

We couldn't play badminton on all weekdays because college hanger-1 (where MIT students play) was being prepared to receive the first year(B.Tech) students who got admitted on August 4. After a gap of three days I played on Friday evening for more than two hours. As usual after Friday's play I went to hostel mess for special dinner with my friend (Lingeshwaraa) with whom I usually go to mess. 

I had two internals in this week. The one that we were supposed to write on Friday was postponed to Monday. None of my classmates including research scholars were ready to write on Friday except Vivek. Since others were not ready we postponed it to Monday. Now I have to prepare for the internals as well as for placement. Companies are starting their recruitment process from the 11th of this month. In this month we are getting around 15 companies for which M.Tech(IT) is eligible only for Cisco and Deloitte. Well, this is the my story of the week. Till I come up with next post I wish my reader friends a happy weekend.

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  1. i wanted to write coz , i wanted to have a great weekend! my last weekend was ruined by that exam!


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