Weeks 20,21,22

Hi friends, its a long time since I blogged last. It was after my exams and before I attended the phase one project viva. A lot of things happened since then. I went to my native for a small break (a week) and then I came back to Chennai. As far as my phase one project viva is concerned I was happy because not too many questions were asked because the external examiner was in a hurry to catch his train back to his place.

When I was in native I visited some of the temples that we usually go to and then it was only watching tv and taking rest. I mean it was like just eating and sleeping.

After I came back to Chennai and till now, the students in the university are more concerned about their placements. 6 students from my class have got placed and still 4 of us are trying to get placed in some company including me and the remaining 4 are not interested in placements. As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts I am more interested in going as lecturer but due to some reasons I am asked to attend placements. If I get placed in some companies before I complete M.Tech, I am planning to work for a minimum period of two years and then fall back to teaching. 

Last week I attended Firstapex and Wipro but could not clear the interviews. I am waiting for my turn. If I am lucky I will give you a good news within this month or early next month. 

I am really lucky to have a good bunch of friends in M.Tech who came to main campus to give me confidence when I had Wipro interviews. Lingesh and Vivek came there in the morning and stayed there till 10 in the night. But unfortunately I din't get placed in Wipro. I am waiting for companies like IBM and MindTree. 

Well thats it for now. Actually I thought of writing a lot here but due to time constraint I stop here until I come up with my next update. Wish you all a nice time.

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