Week 15

The city (Chennai) is getting more rain these days and only now the rainy season has started here. The climate is very nice in the city. The only bad thing that happens during this season in Chennai is the stagnation of water on the roads that makes self transportation difficult.  Otherwise it was a very hectic week for me. A lot of scoldings from the HOD on behalf of the whole class. The second review is completed for all the students of the class except me. I am facing a little problem because of my guide's complaint to the HOD about my irregularity in meeting him. Not much progress in my project work really but still have managed to do something on my own. 

Hope the problem gets rectified and gets a solution on Monday. I am supposed to be ready on Monday with my second review. I am the only one who will be facing the review panel members (3 members) and my guide, so the full concentration will be on me. So its gonna be the judgement day for me. After that a lot of work has to be completed before the festival of lights starts. Submission of project reports, demo of main project and mini projects and one more assessment (internal test) to be completed. 

Its really a lot of pressure here in MIT before we sit for semester exams and I am experiencing it more now than before (previous semesters). The next two weeks are going to be the most hectic ones with a lot of workload. I think thats enough about me for the week.

I wish all the reader friends a happy & joyful festival of lights (Diwali) in advance and a happy  weekend. 

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