Week 19

Hi reader friends. I would have missed this update since I was concentrating on my project documentation for Monday (29.11.2010). I have got my phase-I viva and demo for project on Monday and I am preparing for it now. I had two theory papers in this week. Friday I wrote my last theory paper in M.Tech and the only remaining portion is project. The next five months in MIT is going to be only project for me. I don't know whether or not my guide would allow me to go for this semester holidays. Since I din't take it that seriously I din't do much in the project. But the people here will make me to take it seriously in the next semester.

I am praying to GOD that nothing messy should happen on Monday. After Monday life would be peaceful for some days to come and as usual tensions of project would start following like the Hutch dog. 

I am planning to go home for a couple of days and also to Bangalore. My life is in the hands of IT department for the next 5 months. Well thats all for the week. Wish all of you a happy weekend until I come up with my next update.

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