Week 23

It was a stress free week. I did not go to college much since only thing we have to do is project. I don't feel like going to college because many of my classmates never come to college or just come for an hour and go back. This makes me feel lonely and makes me to stay back. Since placements are going on in the university campus some are preparing for it by staying back at their place. So I too preferred to stay back at my room but I am not seriously preparing for the next company (IBM). I don't have problem in clearing the first few rounds like written and group discussion, the problem is tech where I have to concentrate more. I had a wavering mind but have made up my mind now to get a job in company and work for at least 2 years.

I think times are changing for better. Only one pressure is there as of now and that is to complete my project successfully and come out of college. One more thing after M.Tech is to get a job in Bangalore because the city is more close to my heart than any other place where I have lived.

Well, thats is for the week. Advance new year wishes to all my blog reader friends and your family members.  

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