Week 8

First of all I like to wish all the reader friends a happy Ganesh Chathurthi. It was a nice week with little rain in the evenings on most of the weekdays that took the heat away from the city. A week with 3 continuous holidays is sure to set up a perfect holiday mood. I am relaxing a lot in these holidays by just watching movies and sleeping. Yesterday night I watched the movie "Robin Hood" and the day before I watched "Expendables". Both the movies are worth watching atleast once. Still I have around 10 movies in my laptop that I have not watched. These days I don't find time to watch movies because I have some work to do that is related to my main project. 

Last Saturday after writing my weekly post, I along with two of my classmates (Lingesh and Vinoth) went to Mr.Premnath's home in the evening for a cup of tea after his request. We prepared it ourselves and fortunately it was nice. We kept on talking till 8 pm after which he asked us to have dinner in his home. Vinoth left after having tea and then we three of us got ready for dinner. I prepared coconut chutni because only I knew how to do it among the three of us. I din't learn it until my mother taught me during last vacation. Again fortunately the chutni was good  and we had a nice dinner. Lingesh and I left his home after 11 pm that night when it was raining but not heavily. 

Sunday was the day that I cannot forget because I made chicken gravy that day along with Mr.Premnath. I thought of writing a post about it but din't find time. I will write the experience of making chicken gravy in my next post.

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