Week 6

The week had only four working days including Saturday(today). Monday was declared holiday due to Onam and was compensated on Saturday(today). Wednesday was declared holiday because of rain. It usually happens in Chennai due to water stagnating on roads that creates a big chaos affecting the city's traffic. So the local government used to declare holiday for Chennaites during these situations. 

Thursday was the day that I can't forget atleast for some more days to come. I got a good name from my HOD. She said that I am the only student in my class who comes to college regularly when the whole class was caught for not being punctual and regular to the college. She asked me to leave the room and scolded others for around 3 hours. This comment from her has made me to work more towards my main project because she is one of the members in the project review committee. 

One more thing I would like to mention here is that I have got a new friend here at MIT. His name is Mr.Premnath. We have developed a good rapport among ourselves. Just minutes back we had dinner together in the canteen and I waved him bye before he left to his native. More about him in the future posts. 

One of my classmates commented on this blog saying that its not catchy enough to read. I will try to improve this blog and make it more interesting to read in the days to come. One request to the reader friends is not to expect very minute details about my personal life in this blog because I can not make everything public. I can only share incidents, views, opinions, and happenings in my life that can be discussed in public. Other than these petty things nothing interesting happened during this week. Happy weekend to all the reader friends. 

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