Week 9 & 10

Hi reader friends. I couldn't write last Saturday because I had my project review-1 to be completed last Monday. But, my turn came only on Tuesday and I completed it without much problem and the feedback from the panel members were neither good nor bad. Happy to complete the review without much problem. We had a class committee meeting where my name was taken up for discussion for a small complaint against me but HOD came for rescue and helped me from the situation. She has a good opinion about me so things are going smoothly for me. 

Another funny incident happened last Friday (Sep-17). All my class boys decided to go for a movie that night at 9.30 pm. We went to cinema hall and booked the tickets and were waiting for one of our friends to arrive. To our surprise our HOD also came there to watch the same movie with her family. She saw us first and introduced her family members to me. After that incident we din't meet her till we faced her in the review the next week. We were very afraid that she would quote the incident if we don't do the review well but the review went on well and there were no problems. 

Apart from these things we had a company coming for internship recruitment which I din't attend. Lingesh has cleared the first round and waiting for the results of the final round that would be announced on Monday. Now we are preparing for the second cycle assessment that is starting on Monday and counting the days for the end semester exams. Hope everything goes on well and comes to conclusion without much pressure for us. Happy weekend to all the reader friends till I come up with my next update.

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